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File 129083483365.jpg - (967.84KB , 3835x2414 , Zakuro.jpg )
30 No. 30 [Edit]
So if any of you have seen /a/'s draw threads, people request something, a drawfag makes it. Well this picture I made they said looks like it was drawn by a 14 year old its so bad. Is it true? Am I that incompetent? I'd spoiler it for NSFW, but doesn't work here.
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>> No. 31 [Edit]
File 129083761039.png - (251.94KB , 1920x1080 , Spoiler Picture.png )
sorry about the spoilers, should be working now.

also, pic is a bit squigly but not bad.
>> No. 32 [Edit]
you're terrible
>> No. 33 [Edit]
what the hell were you thinking wanting to draw porn for other people on /a/
>> No. 34 [Edit]
Yeah the pic would be better if it didn't look like it came from the first season of Home Movies
>> No. 35 [Edit]
mhhh... it could be more appealeing, certainly, if better anatomical accuracy was provided (PROTIP: unlike barbies, touhous presumably have vaginas).
>> No. 36 [Edit]
...on a second look, seems that I just made up some gestalt to think it was Reimu. anyway: work on anatomy; it will pay.
>> No. 37 [Edit]
File 129084126719.jpg - (837.59KB , 1857x1536 , 1240671377936.jpg )
This is just how I see it, I'm no figure drawing expert by any means:

- Shade more
- Everything is too wide, especially her face/head, which makes it appear flat.
- Bring the arms in closer to the body.
- Her hands are about the right size, but the fingers need to be longer.
- The hip - knee sections of her legs are too long, and the right leg is longer than the left.
- Draw another foot. I know you were satisfied with whichever side you drew first, but they shouldn't be identical.
- The boobs are ok, but the underboob lines shouldn't be that long. (I included this little chart from pixiv to help with boobs)
- Tighten your lines up, make them straighter and thinner. Vary up your use of thick lines and thin lines.
- Even everything out. Make sure the eyes are level and both looking the same way. An easy way to do this is to cover one of her eyes and see if the other is looking the same direction. Your eyes are fine though.

Don't be afraid to use references when you're drawing figures, and try starting out with some thumbnail sketches.
>> No. 38 [Edit]
If I was drunk I'd probably fap to it. Keep on practicing and you'll improve, OP.
>> No. 39 [Edit]
I am a bit drunk now; but faped already.
>> No. 40 [Edit]
Yeah, it's shit, bro. Also, those threads are fucking cancer. That exact same deviantart thread has been reposted over 300 times in a row.
>> No. 41 [Edit]
OP I know this is going to annoy you, but find a model and use it for reference before you draw. You'll never be good otherwise.
>> No. 43 [Edit]
I don't even know if thats a 14 year old's drawing. Hell, I can't draw that well even now.
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