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File Project_Scene_9.rar - (302.85KB , Project_Scene 9.rar )
94 No. 94 [Edit]
Can I just get your opinion on which of these flash files has better walking animation and which looks better in general.

>> No. 95 [Edit]
File filorira_Scene_1.rar - (171.54KB , filorira_Scene 1.rar )

Second one.
>> No. 96 [Edit]
OP again,

Also, any resources on how to draw properly in photoshop, or any first hand tips would be really appreciated.

I just started and can't quite get the hand on it but I'm really interested in animation and any help would be really great, brohnos.
>> No. 97 [Edit]
>how to draw properly in photoshop
Drawing with a pen and tablet? I would use PaintTool SAI. Photoshop handles pens kid of weird but might be because I use CS2 and they fixed that in newer versions.

I prefer the second Megaman in the first scene with the shaking of scene 2. If you know what I mean.
>> No. 99 [Edit]
The first has better walking animation, though he looks like he doesn't have any knees. From the perspective, it looks like he should be covering a lot more ground as he walks too, even with just a few steps; the second one does that better. If the second had more frames in between each step, instead of him taking one step then stopping, and if his legs werent so bulky, I think the second would be better.
>> No. 100 [Edit]
I liked the first one better. Like >>99 said, try to get some knees in there, heighten the distance the feet rises and you should be good.
>> No. 154 [Edit]
Thanks for the suggestions!

Here's the flash I've been working on till now.

Opinions and suggestions are very welcome!
>> No. 155 [Edit]
Nice. The only thing I'd change is that the light when Quickman comes out of the door would probably look better if they looked more like the sun beams used later in the video.
>> No. 156 [Edit]
Better than I was expecting. You really need to work on your perspective, though.
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