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File 128909242378.jpg - (108.28KB , 480x600 , hpi9_0.jpg )
5 No. 5 [Edit]
Some of us Thought it might be nice to have a thread to kind of list off who is who's waifu.
The concept is simple really, just say in this thread who your waifu is.

Just for starters, this is Minagi Tohno
Expand all images
>> No. 7 [Edit]
File 128909259897.jpg - (114.91KB , 700x700 , 39d7fa8bd3d4c61ab44a0ed6b8d37090_ib4f.jpg )
Miku Hatsune
>> No. 8 [Edit]
File 128909263853.jpg - (207.87KB , 542x830 , hanako16_ib4f.jpg )
Hanako Ikezawa
>> No. 9 [Edit]
File 128909268345.jpg - (83.50KB , 576x815 , fatetestarossa2ha8_ib4f.jpg )
Fate Testarossa
>> No. 11 [Edit]
File 128909271698.jpg - (69.22KB , 704x480 , Nono1.jpg )
Nono, of course.
>> No. 12 [Edit]
File 128909298023.jpg - (1.28MB , 2247x2878 , a37f15b79dd3698a447b85318cd602ba_ib4f.jpg )
Louise Francoise Le Blanc de la Valliere.
>> No. 13 [Edit]
File 128909304269.png - (495.39KB , 356x980 , miya14_ib4f.png )
Miya Asama.

It's almost been one year since she became my waifu, incidentally. April 18th, 2009 was when I first saved a picture of her...
>> No. 14 [Edit]
File 128909316986.jpg - (113.35KB , 520x600 , 532224_m_ib4f.jpg )
Akeno Shiranui
>> No. 15 [Edit]
File 128909319263.jpg - (47.22KB , 853x480 , 1238455978567_ib4f.jpg )
>> No. 16 [Edit]
File 128909321974.jpg - (28.76KB , 306x400 , KyouFujibayashiAfterStory_ib4f.jpg )

what about my old thread....

Kyou Fujibayashi
>> No. 17 [Edit]
File 128909329839.jpg - (40.01KB , 704x400 , 20090601101934_ib4f.jpg )
Kageyama Torako.
>> No. 18 [Edit]
File 128909331516.jpg - (753.65KB , 2789x1582 , Lafiel 3.jpg )
Ablïarsec Néïc Dobreuscr Bœrh Parhynr Lamhirh.
No mater how many times I type that name I never get tired of it.
>> No. 19 [Edit]
some figured a lot of people might have left since then.
>> No. 20 [Edit]
File 128909339331.jpg - (28.23KB , 640x480 , huuko_ib4f.jpg )
>> No. 21 [Edit]
File 128909343415.jpg - (440.82KB , 875x1200 , db13fa8b6fe659eb9ef2262651f5c71f_ib4f.jpg )
Kotobuki Tsumugi
>> No. 22 [Edit]
File 128909346389.jpg - (1.13MB , 1200x1100 , 6882323.jpg )
Kaguya Houraisan
>> No. 23 [Edit]
File 128909364270.jpg - (170.70KB , 640x480 , KE052.jpg )
Kana Todo.
>> No. 24 [Edit]
File 128909368047.png - (362.52KB , 410x1199 , Standing_ib4f.png )
Shirayuki Mizore
>> No. 25 [Edit]
File 128909371468.png - (429.73KB , 640x479 , 1266292639488_ib4f.png )
It's not like Akiha wants to be my waifu or anything...
>> No. 26 [Edit]
File 128909377011.jpg - (165.19KB , 591x472 , f14d46cea41cd968a1c9e3506b8495ac574d5deb_ib4f.jpg )
Hey, Akiha is my waifu. I guess I should compliment you on your good taste, or something.
>> No. 27 [Edit]
Take turns playing pretend IMO, or duel to the death.
>> No. 28 [Edit]
I don't think Akiha would appreciate being shared, so I guess it's duel to the death.
>> No. 29 [Edit]
File 128909395925.jpg - (58.65KB , 429x400 , lohi-pers-kanako_ib4f.jpg )
Kanako Urashima. Although I never post outside a certain thread using my tripcode.
>> No. 30 [Edit]
File 128909401018.jpg - (210.39KB , 680x623 , 1237093806015_ib4f.jpg )
>> No. 31 [Edit]
File 128909405288.jpg - (4.88KB , 106x171 , 1268734564597_ib4f.jpg )
Mine is Hanako Ikezawa, though as said before I dont mind if I have the same waifu as someone else.
>> No. 32 [Edit]
Ngaw, no fight to the death?
>> No. 33 [Edit]
File 128909408975.jpg - (420.29KB , 592x852 , 3217456_ib4f.jpg )
Kaede Fuyou.
>> No. 34 [Edit]
File 128909416234.jpg - (15.47KB , 480x360 , 0_4_ib4f.jpg )
I don't see how someone can't love Aeka.
>> No. 35 [Edit]
File 128909421333.jpg - (174.18KB , 768x1024 , Ivan_Braginsky_by_Antares_Star_XD_ib4f.jpg )
Russia is mai husbando, of course.
>> No. 36 [Edit]
File 128909426466.jpg - (70.81KB , 283x992 , evaShinji_ib4f.jpg )
Shinji Ikari. I'm going to put this image on a home-made dakimakura. <3
>> No. 37 [Edit]
File 128909430947.png - (560.21KB , 800x600 , Mari188_ib4f.png )
>> No. 38 [Edit]
File 128909436166.jpg - (196.41KB , 550x805 , 1269581900631_ib4f.jpg )
Ichinose Kotomi
>> No. 40 [Edit]
File 128909447890.jpg - (213.13KB , 950x1169 , 3546269_ib4f.jpg )
Sakagami Tomoyo <3
>> No. 41 [Edit]
File 128909453173.png - (2.11MB , 1174x1384 , maiwaifu_ib4f.png )
hakurei reimu <3
>> No. 42 [Edit]
File 128909463487.jpg - (428.72KB , 1280x720 , 1272712909765_ib4f.jpg )
Aizawa Sakuya
>> No. 43 [Edit]
Wow, our user base is getting pretty big. I'm surprised how few people we have sharing a waifu.
>> No. 44 [Edit]
Not sure about that. Who knows how many people in this thread are regulars, and how many people are just random people who have dropped by once?
>> No. 45 [Edit]
I suppose some people might feel a little put-off from posting if the person has already been posted, and just don't bother?
>> No. 46 [Edit]
File 128909478850.jpg - (124.87KB , 600x600 , Suika1739_ib4f.jpg )
Suika Ibuki. I've been in a year long personal struggle between Perrine Clostermann and Suika, but I've decided over the course of a few weeks.

I guess I have a thing for the little runt/reject types?
>> No. 47 [Edit]
well for every waifu thread on /a/, i've been dropping a link to here. (and by "here", i mean tohno-chan in general)
>> No. 48 [Edit]
i just noticed the guy who's wafu was Aeka Shiraki is gone. what happened?
>> No. 49 [Edit]
I don't know. Do you know the guy?
>> No. 50 [Edit]
I noticed that his post here went missing a few weeks ago, but I didn't say anything.

I'm curious to know what happened though.
>> No. 51 [Edit]
Maybe he changed?
>> No. 52 [Edit]
File 128909512968.png - (109.63KB , 1208x1424 , 1270770321815_ib4f.png )
Multiple people can have the same character for their waifu, I don't know what exactly the point of this thread is.
>> No. 53 [Edit]
Of course they can. I'm not sure what the point of your post is.

The thread is just so we can be more familiar with each other, or so people can just introduce their waifu, not so people can claim one and then no one else gets to.
>> No. 54 [Edit]
Well, if it's like that then I got the wrong idea.
>> No. 55 [Edit]
Well, if it's like that then I got the wrong idea.
>> No. 56 [Edit]
I don't think it's so much that people hold back on their claims because they fear reprisal, so much as it is that it'd look unoriginal.

That, and it would be kind of strange to see the same ones popping up over and over again, in the vein that it kind of kills the mood to see that everyone's precious one-and-only is... not so one and only in reality.
>> No. 57 [Edit]
Yeah man, just a kind of introduction and who's who type of thing.
not clams or anything like that, if someone shares the same waifu then it can not be helped.
>> No. 58 [Edit]
I find that if you posted in this thread, its a good way to identify yourself without losing anonymity:

"Who are you?"
"Im the guy whose waifu is x."
"Ah, I know you from that thread!"

>> No. 59 [Edit]
Glad I'm not the only one that thought so.
>> No. 60 [Edit]
File 128909594681.jpg - (127.66KB , 800x600 , YMK_315_ib4f.jpg )
Guy who picked Aeka here.
Deleted my post because I felt a little odd posting in such a thread. I guess you can blame it on the abuse I got from /a/ for always putting her down. I dunno. I feel weird just writing this right now. I know this isn't /a/, nor is it 4chan in any way. In fact, I'm actually happier here. I still go back to the old place just to lurk ever now and then though. Sorry if this caused any confusion. Still here. Hehe, though I feel strange saying outloud how I grew so attached to a 2-D character. But in a way, it feels good.
>> No. 61 [Edit]
No one will put her down here, the only trolls we've had were both banned. Only one of them was actually trolling waifus anyways. (constantly insulting others waifus, saying his was better, etc)

the other was just some idiot shitting up the tec board before it went down.

Feel happy about your attachment. There are some that look down on the idea, some that take it as a joke, and some (like myself) who want one but haven't been able to find the 'one' yet. ;_;
>> No. 62 [Edit]

It's cool, man. You do feel pretty weird at first, it takes a while to get over the fact that you love someone who... well, you know. It isn't anything to be ashamed of, though, obviously. It'll feel great when you realise that.

We're all the same here, no need to worry about being judged, or your waifu being insulted or anything.
>> No. 63 [Edit]
is it possible to share?
>> No. 64 [Edit]
File 128909619197.jpg - (106.35KB , 333x502 , 1660fba20b872c763e2df29004910be0_ib4f.jpg )
Well I'm certainly not going to stop you. There's plenty of people who share the same waifu.
>> No. 65 [Edit]
File 128909623321.jpg - (132.64KB , 1024x768 , 1273935978689_ib4f.jpg )
It's settled then.
>> No. 66 [Edit]
File 128909629417.jpg - (299.93KB , 849x1200 , 0db8f99dc9f028307ab9feced6bad28d_ib4f.jpg )
Not entirely true, but it does feel kind of odd sometimes posting the same waifu as someone else, especially if you're used to posting her first or are the sole person who has her as their waifu on other boards. Though I've learned to accept that a character that is waifu worth will probably attract a lot of people so getting in the mindset of not caring or not letting the idea effect you is really good. Also being able to block out and ignore trolls becomes more relevant. Learned that really quick like with Fate especially back when MGLN was first airing and there was a lot more people interested in her. Then again after the Korean guy married her (the trolls in /a/ and /jp/ waifu threads were terrible every time I posted a pic of my beloved). Though I feel as though the exact version of Fate I love and truly adore is a version that I've slightly changed and modified to fit my personality and life and what I love about her can be very different than what other people do.

What I truly can't stand though is seeing people with mai waifu in their harem, just seems so degrading to me...
>> No. 67 [Edit]
File 128909633921.jpg - (178.36KB , 850x774 , sample_c79b0afe1698cc0a3e361b94ba27b75764765628_ib.jpg )
Delicious Mugi
>> No. 68 [Edit]
File 128909638372.jpg - (147.36KB , 800x600 , 36_6_ib4f.jpg )
Haku has been my waifu for years now, I doubt I'm ever going to change that.
>> No. 69 [Edit]
File 128909641632.png - (245.12KB , 480x640 , 1271469959871_ib4f.png )
Hirasawa Yui.
>> No. 70 [Edit]
File 128909644684.jpg - (105.42KB , 640x480 , 1173652918888_ib4f.jpg )
Suiseiseki is mai waifu
>> No. 71 [Edit]
File 12890964642.jpg - (109.89KB , 445x694 , 1200995828556_ib4f.jpg )
Vita is mai waifu
>> No. 72 [Edit]
File 128909648669.jpg - (119.03KB , 1280x720 , 25971431427851396_ib4f.jpg )
Mikoto Misaka
>> No. 73 [Edit]
File 128909650220.jpg - (82.47KB , 600x800 , yakui2_ib4f.jpg )
>> No. 74 [Edit]
File 128909652957.jpg - (21.70KB , 350x525 , alphamax_plug_cryostat01_ib4f.jpg )
Plug is mai waifu, I'm considering buying this figure too.
>> No. 75 [Edit]
File 128909655926.jpg - (239.15KB , 1153x1310 , kojika_caps136_ib4f.jpg )
Rin Kokonoe
>> No. 76 [Edit]
File 128909668227.jpg - (218.62KB , 528x600 , 2eb56481b0b76b88f628c6cc46f0cfb5_ib4f.jpg )
Mio and yeah, I'm >>640058, so no conflict there.
>> No. 77 [Edit]
File 128909673962.jpg - (42.13KB , 720x540 , bscap0005_ib4f.jpg )
Sohryu Asuka Langley

>> No. 78 [Edit]
>Sohryu Asuka Langley

Who's that? Maybe you meant Shikinami Asuka Langley?
>> No. 79 [Edit]
Unless Rebuild proving in the next couple years to be significant, for me she'll always be Sohryu Asuka Langley desu; my Asuka; the one I first knew and fell for
>> No. 80 [Edit]
File 128909687057.jpg - (63.90KB , 360x600 , a1f61225c05ac10afd4d4339940f41d2_ib4f.jpg )
Mai raburabu. Since she's such a unique and sweet individual, it's unfortunate that nobody else can claim her after I have. Sucks, guys.
>> No. 81 [Edit]
File 128909690097.jpg - (392.61KB , 1038x1510 , 013aaca68e801ae5122edaa11738f532_ib4f.jpg )
Yagami Hayate
>> No. 82 [Edit]
File 128909691974.png - (256.34KB , 640x480 , 1252592009352_ib4f.png )
I want her to imprison me in her home and to be an outlet for her sadism. ♥♥♥
>> No. 83 [Edit]
>it's unfortunate that nobody else can claim her after I have
uh, yes they can.
>> No. 84 [Edit]
File 128909706463.jpg - (117.06KB , 350x493 , 1273281104469_ib4f.jpg )
Finally have my head on straight and my doubts gone, so posting...

Ignore the butt, he's a butt
>> No. 85 [Edit]
but can you pronounce it out loud?
>> No. 86 [Edit]
File 128909738433.jpg - (25.20KB , 640x483 , Nodoka_Miyazaki-12_ib4f.jpg )
This is mai waifu, Miyazaki Nodoka.

So many reasons why she's the best...
>> No. 87 [Edit]
Of course I can, I can even read and write ath (the alphabet) and baronh (the language).
>> No. 88 [Edit]
File 128909746628.jpg - (1.42MB , 1500x1100 , Konachan_com-57009remilia_scarlettouhou_ib4f.jpg )
Remilia Scarlet.

She reminds me every day that not everything in life is so bleak.
>> No. 89 [Edit]
File 128909748016.png - (348.00KB , 600x800 , 28_2_ib4f.png )
I just remembered the existence of this place today, after coming to it briefly many months ago and subsequently forgetting.

Anyways, I see that my tripcounterpart is here, but I shall post as well because Kyou is perfection incarnate.
>> No. 90 [Edit]
File 128909750797.jpg - (315.06KB , 741x1024 , queen_ib4f.jpg )
>> No. 91 [Edit]
File 128909759455.jpg - (4.54MB , 2122x2976 , 3f2c796f729859059fcddb3d0913bef5_ib4f.jpg )
>> No. 92 [Edit]
File 128909794494.jpg - (263.34KB , 1280x1024 , 87236_ib4f.jpg )
Furukawa Nagisa.

Also sure is a lot of Clannad waifus in here.
>> No. 93 [Edit]
File 128909803424.png - (28.08KB , 801x520 , MaiWaifufolder_ib4f.png )
It's hard for me to have just one waifu. I love them all equally.
>> No. 94 [Edit]
Then you don't have a waifu, but a harem. Which is still okay. I'm starting to shift to a harem as well, but I'm still undecided.
>> No. 95 [Edit]
Plenty of people have harems.
>> No. 96 [Edit]
yes, many do, and thats all fine and good, but this isn't "/mai/ - harem" it's "/mai/ - Waifu"
The board is for waifus and husbandos, not harems.
and furthermore, it's simply insulting to the everyone else here who devotes themselves to a single girl (or boy) they care deeply about.
This is a place for people who truly care about the other person, not a place for showing off who your favorite characters are for fapping to.
Having feelings for two or three others and not being able to decide who you care the most for is one thing, but showing off a so called "waifu" folder with 61 characters and calling them all your waifu makes you a complete pick that has no idea what so ever about what a waifu is and who has no business here.
>> No. 97 [Edit]
I'm not offended by him. I think the man had the best of intentions. Are you yourself offended by him? You shouldn't really speak for others.
>> No. 98 [Edit]
Offended or not, the guys waifu folder has 61 different characters in it, that's bs no matter how you look at it.
>> No. 99 [Edit]
I am.
I have said so in a thread before, I don't think people with harems "get" waifus and what a waifu is.
They come off as the kind of /a/ denizen that thinks his favourite character of the season is his waifu.
>> No. 100 [Edit]

I do have to agree, it's almost insulting to the rest of us. I'm sure the guy meant it with no ill intent, but it still is a touch insulting.

He misses the entire point of it. It's things like this that make me dislike the word "waifu", since it's associated with "favourite girl of the season".


You shouldn't speak for others, either. I can't quite say I'm offended since I'm used to this crap now, but I'm not exactly pleased. He even has the nerve to say he loves them all equally, here, where some of us would throw away absolutely everything for a brief moment with whom we love. They mean everything to us, and he spits on that, on our lives, on us. Perhaps he didn't mean it, but it still stands like that.
>> No. 101 [Edit]
perhaps he loves women so much he cant bear to be with just one.
>> No. 102 [Edit]
Same here. I tried to stay with one waifu for a while, but it didn't work out, there were too many other characters that attracted me. Depending on how you see it, I'm either a terrible person, or my love is too great to be restrained in any way.

Though the girl who I originally decided on as mai waifu is still the one I visualize whenever I'm asked to imagine a specific scenario with mai waifu, but I don't reply to those threads, as I don't deserve to call her mai waifu.
>> No. 103 [Edit]
>perhaps he loves women so much he cant bear to be with just one.
>my love is too great to be restrained in any way.
These are the same excuses sluts (both male and female) use in real life.
>> No. 104 [Edit]
Thats nice, but thats not a waifu, and this is a waifu board.
>> No. 105 [Edit]
File 12891046453.jpg - (107.57KB , 500x700 , 1245279989201_ib4f.jpg )
Hinagiku Katsura
>> No. 106 [Edit]
File 128910478366.jpg - (130.28KB , 939x1277 , 1283299117031_ib4f.jpg )
The wise wolf Horo is mai waifu.
>> No. 107 [Edit]
File 128910482018.jpg - (360.88KB , 800x800 , 301724008f887bbee97de96ad749702c1b33841e_ib4f.jpg )
Honestly, I love her. I was always intrigued and captivated by her, ever since I first saw her. I'll never forget the day that someone showed me Miracle Hinacle and I saw her. June Twenty Eighth.
>> No. 108 [Edit]
File 128910489032.png - (366.27KB , 490x557 , 1282669442_75827008_ib4f.png )
..And why not me? ;_;
>> No. 109 [Edit]
File 128910493964.jpg - (72.91KB , 868x1200 , 1267745612620_ib4f.jpg )
Looks like everyone loves the little girl and my original waifu is already taken. So I'll take my second waifu.

Kusanagi Motoko
>> No. 110 [Edit]
I mean, you can still choose your 'original' waifu.
>> No. 111 [Edit]
There's no reason why two people can't have the same waifu.
It's not first come first serve or anything like that.
>> No. 112 [Edit]
after reading negima then coming back to tohno-chan, i have finally made the connection with your name and your waifu
>> No. 113 [Edit]
Actually, if it makes you feel any better, Hina is one of my favorite characters.
>> No. 114 [Edit]
File 128910509513.jpg - (32.81KB , 600x600 , kagami-1238.jpg )
The whole waifu thing have been something that has fascinated me since I first came to the internet. My first coming into contact with the idea was with people who usually just did it as a joke to show appreciation for a specific character to others. Obviously some took it more seriously then others, but generally its just a simple "Oh this character is neat I shall post some pictures of her" kind of mindset.

The reason this intrigued me so much was because I've been doing the exact same thing as the guys who've been serious about it for years. Every since I was young I used to dream of specific characters in various scenarios. Usually something childish like picnics or dancing. The kind of stuff a young child romantic who believed love was like fiction would think of. I still do this to some extent today.

Over the years love for specific characters grew and others died out. I wouldn't consider what I've had a harem by any means, since most of the time I find that character when I need them, and keep them for as long as I can. Think young crushes most kids experience. You don't know why your attraction changes, it just happens.

With that said the 'waifu' I hold close to me now I've had for years and show no signs of losing my interest anytime soon. Some may call her bland, shallow and have no realistic traits. This may be true in her original medium. But generally when we think of our waifus in our hearts, we make them our own. Our perfect wife.

Embrace that love gentlemen, treasure that feeling.
>> No. 115 [Edit]
File 128910514382.jpg - (115.62KB , 1400x816 , Hartmann4.jpg )
Erica Hartmann. She's so much like me it's weird.
>> No. 116 [Edit]
Decided to change my name and get a trip, I like it here.
>> No. 117 [Edit]
erica, huh? well I would just like to apologize in advance for any sexual comments that I may make about your waifu, as she is in my list of most tenderly lovable lolis. I'll try my best to contain myself, but you never know when I might let one comment slip.
>> No. 118 [Edit]
No worries, neither of us are exactly the type to mind about that sort of thing.
>> No. 119 [Edit]
File 128910556140.jpg - (543.98KB , 1050x1050 , hisagoTenshi.jpg )
It's unlikely I'll get a chance to come back here (don't really have time for imageboards anymore; even slow ones), so I'll try to make a worthwhile contribution.

My angel, Hinanawi Tenshi. I used to do the whole that-one-character-this-season-is-really-cute-so-I-will-say-she-is-mai-waifu-and-then-I-will-likely-forget-about-her-in-three-months thing, but then I found Tenshi. I think I know she's the one because she doesn't even fit my description of the ideal girl, but I love her more than any of my previous waifus that did. She also has the exact same personality I've had all my life: selfish and arrogant, but playful and kind when around those that like her. A lot of Touhou fans hate her for screwing with all of Gensokyo just because she was bored, but I actually find it adorable and endearing; I would have done something similar when I was younger, so if she was real, maybe I could teach her to find that right balance of having fun and being considerate. (And of course, it's pretty obvious how I'll have benefited from it; I've even started eating peaches just because she likes them).

It's still a bit early to tell (I only settled on her earlier this year), but I'll say this: if there's a girl you actually love MORE for her faults, you've made the right choice.
>> No. 120 [Edit]
File 12891055919.jpg - (36.98KB , 720x540 , bscap0008.jpg )
>but I'll say this: if there's a girl you actually love MORE for her faults, you've made the right choice.

Her mistakes, failures, plain flaws... yeah: that's what makes her the intransigent unbeatable critic of people and herself that I love. Some other girls might threaten her beauty, once in a while; but no one can FAIL as eloquently and beautifuly as she did.

Thanks a lot, man. You're very welcome back here anytime.
>> No. 121 [Edit]
File 128910585936.jpg - (17.56KB , 219x347 , swd1.jpg )
Berwald Oxenstierna. It's amazing how perfect he is to me. He might seem gruff and emotionless, but I don't think so. I don't really know exactly how to word it... but I think there's more to him than what reaches the surface and that everything about him is amazing.

Newcomer here... hopefully I stick around but I'm bad at that
>> No. 122 [Edit]
File 128910590854.jpg - (246.19KB , 800x800 , 1284224772767.jpg )
Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga.
>> No. 125 [Edit]
File 128927757125.gif - (98.54KB , 400x400 , christmas saten.gif )
>> No. 190 [Edit]
File 128995076883.png - (32.70KB , 180x180 , 1242090461718.png )
Rin Tezuka is mai waifu.

There are few like her but this one is mine.
>> No. 200 [Edit]
File 129006380795.jpg - (60.21KB , 400x590 , 7PFQsTzUCono3k9dFxNKx9bQo1_400.jpg )
Kusakabe Misao~
>> No. 230 [Edit]
File 129064219178.jpg - (74.22KB , 400x406 , 254242.jpg )
>> No. 238 [Edit]
File 12907508897.jpg - (301.96KB , 987x1122 , 7569034.jpg )
>> No. 280 [Edit]
File 129088394579.png - (82.93KB , 270x430 , 1289962889026.png )
Sofia Jalapeño Viviage (or the localized Sofia de Saint-Coquille)
>> No. 293 [Edit]
File 129107046317.jpg - (304.07KB , 632x816 , 1290559811768.jpg )
There is no one else for me.
>> No. 314 [Edit]
File 129122924594.jpg - (372.82KB , 761x1000 , 1175971.jpg )
Sakuya Izayoi
>> No. 320 [Edit]
File 129126865597.jpg - (63.39KB , 270x200 , 1272752460219.jpg )
>> No. 452 [Edit]
Are you the guy who wanted to make a blog about ejaculating to Sakuya 100 times? I'm still waiting for that blog!
>> No. 500 [Edit]
No, that would be someone else. That blog seems like it would be interesting, though I can't imagine writing something like that myself.
>> No. 501 [Edit]
File 129187792617.jpg - (356.16KB , 1600x1200 , 1160518341750.jpg )
Haurhi Suzumiya.

I'd felt a special connection with her even before I'd ever heard the term "waifu." Since then, I've come a long ways and learned much. Knowing that there are others out there who can feel the same way has allowed me to accept my feelings as legitimate, and our bond has grown stronger for it.
>> No. 502 [Edit]
Oh Haruhi: shit got real; God's finally on the list...
No srsly: welcome.
>> No. 594 [Edit]
File 129273079426.jpg - (61.11KB , 300x250 , 7871505.jpg )
Toona (or Raven)
>> No. 607 [Edit]
File 129283076665.jpg - (154.96KB , 500x645 , k-on12.jpg )
>> No. 608 [Edit]
File 129283353253.jpg - (229.01KB , 831x1169 , 629688.jpg )
I'm afraid I'm going to have to fight you.

Or you can just keep pretending, that doesn't affect me.
>> No. 610 [Edit]
File 129283610377.jpg - (156.25KB , 704x740 , 05ab6d407b6a0074ae835a0625952f1f.jpg )
It's over, no longer, I feel it growing stronger.
>> No. 630 [Edit]
File 129307865320.png - (368.51KB , 560x620 , 1278560007406.png )
>> No. 635 [Edit]
File 129318024193.jpg - (176.10KB , 450x338 , 408925-bigthumbnail.jpg )
I admit that I prefer the nice and shy fan interpretation of Koakuma <3
>> No. 636 [Edit]
File 129318040879.jpg - (72.80KB , 510x600 , 15153206_m.jpg )
I just love her so much.
>> No. 637 [Edit]
File 129318045635.jpg - (302.55KB , 720x1000 , makoto1019.jpg )

Makoto Kikuchi <3
>> No. 671 [Edit]
File 129325275814.jpg - (203.05KB , 573x700 , 2d27801e450ff2c4a15c0e3cbacb01cc.jpg )
Reisen Udongein Inaba. She gives me something to look forward to during the day and provides comfort and support at night.
>> No. 725 [Edit]
File 12935192182.jpg - (674.57KB , 1000x1000 , reimu.jpg )
Hakurei Reimu! <3<3<3
>> No. 730 [Edit]
File 129355350065.jpg - (248.53KB , 950x665 , 1205461213950.jpg )
Alice Carroll
>> No. 734 [Edit]
Reimu gets all the best fan art.
>> No. 784 [Edit]

The best? Does she? I'll admit that I am constantly treated to loving interpretations but I always assumed I just favored them because she's my waifu.
>> No. 794 [Edit]
File 129366293492.jpg - (123.86KB , 655x1000 , y.jpg )
My beloved angel

Amamiya Yuuko
>> No. 795 [Edit]
File 129366610936.jpg - (572.56KB , 1280x960 , 165241.jpg )
Touhou in general does.

I highly approve of this.
Take good care of her, broh.
>> No. 855 [Edit]
File 129397388528.jpg - (1.09MB , 3164x4118 , 127098091.jpg )
>> No. 1000 [Edit]
File 129462770914.jpg - (601.54KB , 1200x1600 , 1_1.jpg )
ctrl+f 'kaolla'
No surprises there.

Anyway, mai waifu - Kaolla Su.

It might not look to be super romantic, with almost non-existent fan art, and a fanbase mostly consisting of casual animu fans, which will continuously dwindle year by year. But I love her. I always did, and I always will. Our 5-year anniversery will be up this summer.. I should make her an acrylic portrait for that occasion; that old skecth isn't doing her right.
>> No. 1001 [Edit]
>5 years
Amazing, now that is devotion.
Not a 'get' person, but that post deserves 1000
>> No. 1005 [Edit]
Oh hey, another Love Hina guy. Did you draw that picture of Kaolla yourself? Its a nice pic. Unfortunately for this old series not much new fanart is being made so finding nice pictures is a little hard.
>> No. 1008 [Edit]
File 129467637660.jpg - (66.61KB , 450x580 , kaolla su.jpg )
Yes, I drew it around my first crush on her. It's not much, and I haven't really evolved since then with my drawing skills.

So yeah, in certain affars you're stuck with drawing your own fan art. The only good fan pic I've ever seen on Su is this one.
>> No. 1009 [Edit]
File 129467730294.jpg - (691.86KB , 900x900 , my_love.jpg )
Sakagami Tomoyo

I thought I had posted her. Error corrected.
>> No. 1020 [Edit]
File 12949177471.jpg - (155.09KB , 520x650 , 129d7a5178ce109010b89f29d8a76389.jpg )
Mion Sonozaki
>> No. 1047 [Edit]
File 129509003338.jpg - (165.76KB , 909x527 , isana.jpg )
Tachibana Isana

Cute, caring, beautiful.
>> No. 1082 [Edit]
File 129539326388.jpg - (408.43KB , 899x783 , e31a396425625ceee026adaee103c1ed.jpg )
Surprised to not see my waifu on the list actually.

I never thought I would have a waifu actually. I could never connect with any characters, believing that their stories were not fleshed out or written well enough to warrant love. I found characters that were similar to me, as in sickly shut ins, but they never did anything special for me.
I got into Touhou a few years ago, the characters have little to no backstory unlike anime or VN characters, and all I had to go by was their actions or small blurbs during the games. I always played as Marisa, she just felt right. Her speed, her shot, how happy cheery she always appeared, the not giving a fuck attitude, and how she would just quietly borrow those books later. It didnt hit me until I read a gensokyo thread on /jp/, everyone talking about how fantastic it would be to become a little girl, just how they are in their minds.

I then understood how to connect with a waifu. In every form of escapism I have ever used; D&D, EQ, WoW, and almost every RPG or MMO I've ever played, I have always been a cheery happy go lucky mage, a dick to everyone around me, and popular on several games for being a drop ninja.
I could relate to Marisa. Maybe if I lived in an ideal world, where I could be me, and not limited by a frail body, me and my waifu would go on wacky adventures together, and I could properly express my love for her, and maybe she could do the same for me.
>> No. 1096 [Edit]
File 129562333662.jpg - (191.54KB , 427x640 , boku-04.jpg )
There are many waifus out there, but Souseiseki is mine.
>> No. 1118 [Edit]
Doesn't seem to be many Touhou fans in here, if you look at /foe/.
>> No. 1119 [Edit]
Which is probably more of a good thing than a bad thing.
>> No. 1132 [Edit]
File 129615581285.jpg - (220.26KB , 500x706 , 5e69db57c4a33472e558036a5e4dfba6e37b479c.jpg )
Naegino Sora
>> No. 1137 [Edit]
File 129624876853.jpg - (44.11KB , 704x396 , kotonoha_1.jpg )
Kotonoha Katsura
Mai waifu for life!
>> No. 1163 [Edit]
I just got done watching Kaliedo Star a week or so ago. Excellent taste. She reminds me of my waifu quite a lot, not to mention that Ryou Hirohashi is in my top 5 favorite VA's.
>> No. 1173 [Edit]
File 129647004692.png - (776.06KB , 834x1208 , 15795710.png )
Len Kagamine
>> No. 1187 [Edit]
File 129651845194.jpg - (67.77KB , 408x570 , luckystar05_026.jpg )
日下部 みさお
>> No. 1197 [Edit]
You are a gentleman and a scholar, my friend.
>> No. 1258 [Edit]
File 12971266628.jpg - (69.05KB , 479x589 , 2996003_m.jpg )
Gasai Yuno.

All of my fucking love.
>> No. 1264 [Edit]
File 129726779492.png - (855.65KB , 2693x2304 , 1297091965252.png )
Hitagi Senjougahara
>> No. 1275 [Edit]
File 129750364094.png - (511.98KB , 922x1706 , FireRed_LeafGreen_Sabrina.png )
Hello everyone. This is mai waifu Sabrina. Pleasure to meet you all.
>> No. 1277 [Edit]
I believe thats the first Pokemon waifu we've had here.
>> No. 1279 [Edit]
I feel honored. I've been a long time lurker, I happened to stumble upon this site when someone mentioned it. I couldn't be happier to find people like me.
>> No. 1333 [Edit]
File 129767291187.png - (13.48KB , 350x350 , im reading.png )
Hrm, i dont know if this is entirely appropriate or how others may react, but i feel like i should be here given my current 'psychological state.'

But yeah, Raven. Mai waifu is american, deal with it.
>> No. 1335 [Edit]
Don't worry about it to much, westen catoons are a bit, I guess you can say, out of place? maybe off?
but if we gave you crap about it, we'd be no better then the normalfags out there that give us crap about our waifus, after all, you can't always pick who you fall in love with.
>> No. 1336 [Edit]
i hesitated posting for the longest time because i didnt know if anyone would care, but then that thought came into my mind "these guys should know you cant choose"

so i guess im here now, if it becomes i problem ill get outta here no problem
>> No. 1337 [Edit]
I don't judge.
I do admit I'm rather surprised though.
>> No. 1338 [Edit]
I actually think it's pretty cool to see something different.
>> No. 1339 [Edit]
I guess it is pretty rare for someone to actually have a serious western waifu...i just hope no one minds me 'cramping their style,' my screenshots seem to heavily clash with the tons of fan pictures around here...
>> No. 1340 [Edit]
some people around here post a lot of screen shots also, not everyone's waifu is popular and gets much if any fan art, so it's all they have.
>> No. 1341 [Edit]
and how many post screenshots of a grey skinned girl from a super hero cartoon? I meant more about the whole western thing, but you all seem to be fine with it, thankfully.

I get a semi humorous name option too, at least.
>> No. 1342 [Edit]
>Mai waifu is american

mah wifey
>> No. 1343 [Edit]
Yeah I don't really mind a Western cartoon waifu, unless it was something like, I dunno, Catwoman or Carmen Sandiego or something.
>> No. 1353 [Edit]
>Wild Western Waifu

If it was Dora the explorer or some other little kid show i might be a bit iffy, but anything is fine.
>> No. 1416 [Edit]
File 129779091339.jpg - (98.12KB , 514x700 , Saber18586.jpg )
Is it all right if I begin posting here?
>> No. 1417 [Edit]
I don't see why not!
>> No. 1432 [Edit]
File 129782911119.jpg - (25.45KB , 400x300 , Sailor_Moon-4732.jpg )
calling her mai goddessu might be more appropriate. I try my best to be someone she'd care for, but always end up feeling like i'm not good enough for her. It does nothing to diminish my love, though.
>> No. 1434 [Edit]
im surprised people still care for sailor moon, she was alot of peoples first waifu but if you have kept it up thats pretty sweet.
>> No. 1435 [Edit]
Heh, a friend of mine uses the term 'goddessu' for Sabrina too.
>> No. 1454 [Edit]
Now i'm reminded i still have a rewatch of the first two seasons to finish so i can start watching what i haven't seen.
>> No. 1512 [Edit]
File 129800559723.jpg - (301.64KB , 691x1200 , 853.jpg )
I've been lurking here for a few months now and finally worked up the courage to tell someone else who my waifu is. I first played Katawa Shoujo about a month after it came out, thats when I didn't understand the concepts of waifus and did not take them seriously. When I first met Lilly Satou I was instantly in love and felt a way I never have before. I always think about here when I'm in tough times and she helps me get through, all the hard work I'm doing in life I'm doing it for her.

For some reason I believe that anyone that has Hanako as their waifu, we would have some sort of bond and would have no problem becoming friends.
>> No. 1513 [Edit]
Boy are you gonna like it here. We have a guy here who is obsessed with Hanako.
>> No. 1514 [Edit]
Hanako is my waifu, that makes us friends!
>> No. 1515 [Edit]
As a fellow long time lurker who just took the plunge too, welcome.
>> No. 1516 [Edit]
So now we're missing Shizune, Misha, Rin, and Emi.
>> No. 1517 [Edit]
Actually we have Rin up here >>190
>> No. 1542 [Edit]
File 129826048566.jpg - (346.76KB , 1470x2000 , tomoyosakagami (72).jpg )
Not surprising at all that there are a lot of Clannad fans here. I am surprised no one has a Kanon waifu here though, unless I missed her.

Key specializes in making lovable characters. Too bad they also specialize in tearing out your heart. This may sound funny but I am still traumatized by Air, After Story, and the Tomoyo After manga. Maybe one day we will get a translation to her vn.

I am another lover of Tomoyo. This doesn't bother me too much. How can you not love her? Sure she is tough as can be and a bit cold at first, but if you can get past/survive that side of her, you find the sweetest girl ever. Her strength and leadership abilities don't detract one bit from her femininity.

I have had other crushes in the past, but my love for Tomoyo has only grown the year I have known her. I really think she is the one.
>> No. 1593 [Edit]
File 129874788660.jpg - (386.33KB , 671x900 , 129807674490.jpg )
Kanaya Maryam
>> No. 1597 [Edit]
A Homestuck character? And here Wild Western Waifu thought Raven was out of the ordinary.
>> No. 1598 [Edit]
actually i have seen alot of people who have homestuck waifus, i just cant tell which ones are just fans or actually have feelings.
>> No. 1603 [Edit]
File 129878978043.gif - (272.00KB , 295x285 , f00d for my child bearer.gif )
Aradia Megido
>> No. 1620 [Edit]
Are you being sarcastic? That's not very considerate.
>> No. 1630 [Edit]

Some of them are but I'd guess most either just hold it as a "I fap to this character" or "I'm a fan".
>> No. 1634 [Edit]
File 129888743184.png - (142.42KB , 650x556 , 129779092616.png )
I think I might have a Homestuck waifu. I love her character so much that I've started to save every image of her that I can, even if I'm not a fan of the artist's style in that given picture.
To be perfectly honest, she's not a very important character to the plot, but I've had dreams about her and I'm kind of obsessed with her. I roleplay as her on anonymous chatsites sometimes and I might blow a couple hundred dollars on a super accurate cosplay of her.
Her personality really reminds me of mine (but much better), and I strive to be someone she would like. It's really painful to think that I can't actually be near her, but I assume that's a common feeling people overcome for their waifu. I feel like I might not fit in here since I can't exactly buy a Figma of her or anything, but I also feel that I'm too attached to her to fit in with /co/mrades that casually fap to Homestuck characters.
I hope it's not a problem if I seek refuge with you guys from now on. I appreciate that you are all devoted to your respective waifu, and I will try to be respectful.
>> No. 1635 [Edit]
>I feel like I might not fit in here since I can't exactly buy a Figma of her or anything

not a problem, trust me.
Whats with the influx of homestuck waifus, i wonder.
>> No. 1636 [Edit]
File 129888880126.png - (140.67KB , 548x630 , 1296119646613.png )
Homestuck updates every day usually and has been going on for almost two years.

With an anime series you go a week at a time without seeing your waifu and then after a few months the series is over and you're left with fanfic and imagination.

Seeing new the character react to new situations on a near constant basis almost creates the illusion of life behind the flickering screen,

Pic related it's mai Homestuck waifu
>> No. 1637 [Edit]
I'm very happy for you two.
>> No. 1638 [Edit]
to be honest i got tired of homestuck around the time the 'trolls' showed up, and now everyone (quite literally) loves them.

To each his own i guess.
>> No. 1646 [Edit]
>>1593 Here
Wow, bit of a derail, sorry guys!
I'm in the same boat as, >>1634, where I feel kind of separated from other Homestuck discussion boards with /co/ being flippant or, worse, hostile, towards the whole notion of 2D love.
>> No. 1647 [Edit]
Suddenly I had an idea of creating a separate board or chan for /co/ waifus.
>> No. 1648 [Edit]
Eh I dunno, aside form Homestuck there are very few serious /co/ waifus. Unless the main area is overrun with them there's not really an issue.
>> No. 1649 [Edit]
seems pointless, we would just discuss the same things here but with less people
>> No. 1671 [Edit]
File 129906328366.jpg - (78.08KB , 1024x655 , TachibanaKanade10.jpg )
Kanade Tachibana
>> No. 1720 [Edit]
File 129982346843.jpg - (78.79KB , 500x375 , 129668615785.jpg )
Not mai waifu, (but could be), she was posted by someone else who had already claimed her. However I don't know who she is, and reverse searching failed me, help me brohnos what is her name?
>> No. 1721 [Edit]
Yakumo from School Rumble. Surprised that you don't know of her.
>> No. 1740 [Edit]
>she was posted by someone else who had already claimed her.

There's no claiming on this site, and if you're on a site where they go by claiming, their love probably isn't genuine.
>> No. 1747 [Edit]
File 130018909658.jpg - (31.01KB , 327x450 , B10A00736LL1.jpg )
Morishima Haruka

森島 はるか
>> No. 1751 [Edit]
File 130023744078.jpg - (52.63KB , 400x610 , ScarfMiyuki.jpg )
>> No. 1803 [Edit]
File 130060258567.jpg - (23.58KB , 700x394 , rhazel.jpg )
She's such a cute, little bad ass.

Most MC's would mope around and curse their misfortune after suddenly being kicked out of their house. Rahzel? Her only regret is that she should have eaten more at breakfast. Then decides it would be more fun to travel with companions and goes off in search of one.
>> No. 1915 [Edit]
File 130108490028.jpg - (482.20KB , 1000x801 , f56389cee450f0bbbe3a7738ea6264d4.jpg )
Yuki Nagato
>> No. 1925 [Edit]
File 130111690290.png - (436.81KB , 921x669 , buÉmÅ[ÉRa_óHóÏ_smile.png )
>> No. 1933 [Edit]
File 130113222634.jpg - (47.99KB , 430x611 , together-japan-ken-marinaris-anubis-zone-of-the-en.jpg )
Ken Marinaris
>> No. 1984 [Edit]
File 130127986516.jpg - (96.61KB , 1280x960 , 2736758671dcbbb0db05ef667f05e76e9a82804c.jpg )
Setsumi-chan was my waifu. ;_;

Rest in peace, dearest.
>> No. 1994 [Edit]
File 130135651773.jpg - (47.82KB , 308x756 , awaki-waifu.jpg )
Awaki Musujime is my waifu. She's mine. I love her more than anything now and forever.
>> No. 1995 [Edit]
Awaki is awesome. She also almost exactly matches my personality. If I was a girl I would probably look like Awaki.
>> No. 2090 [Edit]
File 130155199237.jpg - (413.88KB , 700x1000 , fb93175266cf5a82e74911c01118b1a970e8b430.jpg )
Yuyuko Saigiyouji is mai waifu

i like her appearance and her cute attitude i may not be like her but i strive to be a great person that my waifu would see as

her husbando.
>> No. 2137 [Edit]
File 130177718615.jpg - (100.00KB , 800x640 , lain.jpg )
Lain Iwakura
>> No. 2189 [Edit]
File 130204566386.jpg - (17.17KB , 320x180 , 221339500464.jpg )
Matsumae Ohana
>> No. 2192 [Edit]
That was fast.
>> No. 2211 [Edit]

That's what Kishida Mel does to people.
>> No. 2229 [Edit]
File 13023836629.jpg - (220.22KB , 1039x737 , 1f9589a166ee87836989f8309854d1ac.jpg )
Asuka Langley Soryu
But then you probably knew that from the pic
>> No. 2249 [Edit]
File 130241062548.jpg - (71.81KB , 563x800 , Yuki 147.jpg )
Yuki Nagato.
Cool. What now? Do we swap picture collections or something? I can share her if you can.
>> No. 2259 [Edit]
I like to think that there's no sharing here while there's no claiming either.
>> No. 2267 [Edit]
I see your point and it's a good one. Using 'share' was wrong. Instead, I'll say this: You are a great person with great taste. I hope she's making you as happy as she makes me.
>> No. 2273 [Edit]
File 130246043731.jpg - (677.02KB , 1280x1486 , Lizlet L Chelsie 46.jpg )
My waifu is Lizlet L. Chelsie
>> No. 2403 [Edit]
File 130318660915.jpg - (263.14KB , 1114x1059 , 1302930074956.jpg )
Charlotte Dunoa
>> No. 2458 [Edit]
File 13034347877.jpg - (154.43KB , 1200x1200 , Karin-alpha3-fixed.jpg )
kanzuki karin
>> No. 2480 [Edit]
File 130362192168.jpg - (294.65KB , 1100x1750 , 28ca2d67581c790ea6419615b002be1c.jpg )
GLaDOS is my beloved waifu.
>> No. 2522 [Edit]
File 130385871062.jpg - (666.76KB , 3303x2985 , Arcueid~82.jpg )
Arcueid Brunestud
>> No. 2537 [Edit]
File 13039512486.png - (400.63KB , 465x800 , afa10bb2d18dcf92bf6f7aadfd4d1472.png )
>> No. 2557 [Edit]
File 130430037619.jpg - (187.40KB , 1600x1200 , 1299124704012.jpg )
Mio Akiyama is the only girl for me.
>> No. 2644 [Edit]
File 130483200343.jpg - (74.96KB , 600x849 , 697bfb90885022b972d6ace36ce165f6.jpg )
Sakura Kinomoto
>> No. 2713 [Edit]
File 130535590087.jpg - (73.56KB , 400x567 , 793ebded154804fca437523bebf23a9c.jpg )
Tohsaka Rin
>> No. 2752 [Edit]
File 130558612678.jpg - (172.65KB , 1277x720 , 1304388781916.jpg )
>> No. 2758 [Edit]
File 130566049954.jpg - (260.75KB , 450x610 , Konata_coronet.jpg )
She fits my personality so perfectly <3
>> No. 2760 [Edit]
File 130568680596.png - (650.19KB , 572x752 , 1304492313448.png )
Kochiya Sanae.
>> No. 2761 [Edit]
Good, help out the Sanae thread por favor.

Post edited on 18th May 2011, 3:14am
>> No. 2829 [Edit]
File 130610841417.jpg - (114.55KB , 1024x768 , Misato 20.jpg )
Probably my favorite picture of her.
>> No. 2837 [Edit]
Well, well, well! About time someone around noticed this remarkably interesting women.
>> No. 2838 [Edit]
I can't believe I'm the only one in the thread.
>> No. 2860 [Edit]
File 13062775754.jpg - (327.11KB , 1920x1080 , denpa_onna_ep6_55.jpg )
Ryuuko Mifune
>> No. 2882 [Edit]
File 130636740797.jpg - (495.35KB , 995x664 , 6d54dd076faba4744d83c63ddb27de58 copy.jpg )
Hong Meiling
>> No. 2895 [Edit]
About time someone came and said that!
>> No. 2898 [Edit]
File 130642088919.jpg - (101.66KB , 425x600 , 11575791_m.jpg )
Yumizuka Satsuki.
>> No. 2949 [Edit]
File 13064771642.jpg - (49.41KB , 225x350 , 76903.jpg )
Sengoku Nadeko
>> No. 3061 [Edit]
File 130712227411.jpg - (85.69KB , 894x894 , Kanako 97.jpg )
Kanako Urashima and i am glad that i´ve met her.
>> No. 3085 [Edit]
Finally decided to get a name?
>> No. 3086 [Edit]
Hey now, what if it's just someone else?
>> No. 3087 [Edit]
right yeah
>> No. 3088 [Edit]

I am sorry but you must have mistaken me with another Kanako fan.

Post edited on 3rd Jun 2011, 2:02pm
>> No. 3093 [Edit]
You're shitting me. I'm >>29

I always thought it was unlikely I'd see someone else take Kanako as their waifu..
>> No. 3095 [Edit]

So did i.
I am glad that she is still popular among others than me.
Well its good to know that i am not the only one.

Post edited on 3rd Jun 2011, 4:17pm
>> No. 3142 [Edit]
I'm liking the pictures you're posting of her though.

Some of them I haven't seen before. Where did you get yours?
>> No. 3156 [Edit]

I like the pictures you post of her too.
I´ll take them from here and there, sadly there isn´t much fanart from her and also no big picture collections so i am often limited to take snapshots from the Anime.
But sometimes i stumble over a "gem" of sorts.
>> No. 3188 [Edit]
File 13075009312.jpg - (134.24KB , 900x1101 , 282335.jpg )
Nakamura Yuri now and always.
>> No. 3224 [Edit]
>> No. 3316 [Edit]
File 130825724257.jpg - (324.10KB , 600x806 , 621973 - baka_to_test_to_shoukanjuu brown_hair gor.jpg )
Kinoshita Hideyoshi is mai waifu/husbando/Hideyoshi.
>> No. 3335 [Edit]
File 130837796556.jpg - (21.95KB , 800x600 , x_ev05.jpg )
I guess I'm the fourth Tomoyo lover to post here

Not that I'm surprised, who can blame you guys?
>> No. 3337 [Edit]
File 130839237144.jpg - (64.42KB , 750x700 , 1299269908984.jpg )
I had another before, but the love died. It's very painful for me.
>> No. 3338 [Edit]
File 130842188967.jpg - (71.31KB , 800x640 , blue_eyes feet foreshortening kannagi_noel panties.jpg )
Kannagi Noel
>> No. 3339 [Edit]
File 130842725931.jpg - (51.15KB , 480x640 , 1235964553612.jpg )
Patchouli Knowledge
>> No. 3340 [Edit]
File 130843027563.png - (1.18MB , 1000x1200 , d980f4bb58cfe8764fde19a367a326b1a70b248f.png )
Uiharu Kazari.


You have good taste.
>> No. 3390 [Edit]
File 130884360462.png - (211.58KB , 744x1052 , 14828845.png )
Ui Hirasawa
>> No. 3391 [Edit]
How nice to see one of the very few /a/ tripfags I liked come over here. As someone else with a K-ON waifu, I hope the two of you enjoy your stay.
>> No. 3393 [Edit]
Thank you.

I was directed towards this site after a certain thread of mines (on that site I came from) suggested me to here. I followed the link and I ended up landing here. I did a few page looking on here to see how this section was like... and I must say, I enjoy it very much.

And thank you very much once again. I think I'll hang out on here for a while and see if I can get on well with the other people here.
>> No. 3459 [Edit]
File 130902947397.jpg - (272.06KB , 550x700 , 0614a43be618e71eb170633db40b95bc.jpg )
Tainaka Ritsu
>> No. 3533 [Edit]
I just thought i'd say that i think ritsu would make a lovely housewife and you have good taste
>> No. 3547 [Edit]
File 130945461767.gif - (233.28KB , 480x270 , ikasumi-spaghetti-gif.gif )
>> No. 3571 [Edit]
File 130975611361.jpg - (1.16MB , 2000x1209 , ika_musume_011.jpg )
Have a pic of your waifu.
>> No. 3572 [Edit]
That some sort of Mod?
>> No. 3573 [Edit]
Mod of what?

I'm a bit lost, sorry.
>> No. 3574 [Edit]
Some guy made it with a 3D program
>> No. 3575 [Edit]
File 13097578736.jpg - (23.18KB , 400x267 , ed.jpg )
Ed is mineand only mine.
>> No. 3576 [Edit]
I <3 Musume-chan too.

Post edited on 3rd Jul 2011, 10:48pm
>> No. 3577 [Edit]
Stop saying people have good taste.
>> No. 3579 [Edit]
You have bad taste
>> No. 3580 [Edit]
>> No. 3581 [Edit]
Seconding this.
>> No. 3582 [Edit]
I think that if i said 'you waifu is cute/hot' people would be less than pleased
>> No. 3583 [Edit]
Just don't say anything.
>> No. 3607 [Edit]

So... Why can't we compliment each others waifus, again?
>> No. 3608 [Edit]
saying someone has good taste implies other people have not-so-good taste. It kind of turns having a waifu into a circlejerk or a popularity contest, when it should be a personal thing
>> No. 3611 [Edit]
i apologize for my ignorance
>> No. 3614 [Edit]
File 130998335728.jpg - (206.11KB , 591x818 , 1f9c250c5cf0fa3513303f99287d9938.jpg )
>> No. 3676 [Edit]
File 13104980057.jpg - (503.25KB , 825x1000 , 140.jpg )
Azusa is my waifu
>> No. 3695 [Edit]
You wouldn't happen to go by the name "Chimeccio", would you?
>> No. 3697 [Edit]

Uh, nope.
>> No. 3699 [Edit]
I must be thinking of someone else then, my bad.
>> No. 3729 [Edit]
File 13109332964.jpg - (161.77KB , 850x906 , 1e65e2c152354ab261763b788c07e850.jpg )
Kagiyama Hina.
>> No. 3730 [Edit]
File 131093804567.jpg - (1.57MB , 1600x1200 , 78126.jpg )
>> No. 3801 [Edit]
File 131105013714.jpg - (956.65KB , 1600x1200 , 56136b4ccb5c9957ba17c143261dac80.jpg )
>> No. 3810 [Edit]
I know this sounds weird, but I feel specially happy for you.
I always liked Alice and thought she needed someone who cared for her more than the other girls do.
>> No. 3825 [Edit]
Thanks. That's the reason I fell in love with her. She struck me as a frigid loner.
>> No. 3843 [Edit]
That's among other reasons is why she's my favorite touhou.
>> No. 3850 [Edit]
File 131128526694.jpg - (4.86KB , 102x173 , 1311282679370.jpg )
Patchouli is, and always will be, mai waifu.

Marisa left us both for Alice... ;_;
>> No. 4110 [Edit]
File 131181585238.jpg - (152.03KB , 800x600 , ta250602.jpg )
saki katagiri is mai waifu.

Even if she is becoming a vampire.
>> No. 4134 [Edit]
File 131184647829.jpg - (281.17KB , 620x867 , Saber + Rider.jpg )
Ah.....you guys don't kill people for having more than one right? Because I have two that I absolutely could not live without, not either one of them. I see I share a love for one.

Saber and Rider are my respective waifus, and I love them both quite dearly.
>> No. 4136 [Edit]
Some people will be fine with you, some people will hate you.
>> No. 4139 [Edit]
Such is life in the zone. I always get harassed about it but there isn't anything I can do.

I love what I love, can't change that. And it isn't like I have an ever-growing harem. My love for them has only grown over the 5 years I've been in love.
>> No. 4153 [Edit]
I think after that, only the more hardcore will give you trouble. There doesn't seem to be many (if any) of those people around here, though, so I would rest easy. Welcome! It's great to have you here!
>> No. 4412 [Edit]
File 131224067323.jpg - (613.27KB , 900x1157 , 1251089968770.jpg )
Wonderful Asuka Langley. Although the representation of her which made me fall for her was the original Soryu representation of her, I believe some of the characteristics of Shikinami Asuka also would fit her if FUNimation hadn't turned her into such a stereotype. In my heart, she is one and only, regardless of surname.
>> No. 4427 [Edit]
Are you the guy from months ago, now with a trip and finally adding her to the sticky? or we have now effectively 3 Asukas in here?
>> No. 4456 [Edit]
Nope, I am new to Tohno Chan, and cursing myself for only finding such a great chan up until now. So effectively we have 3 Asuka lovers in here, but I seem to be the only one with a tripcode.

Just in case you may want to ask, my trip is not Asukafag because this is /mai/. this is the same trip i use on the only 4chan board worth visiting (that being /c/), since I am well known for making huge Eva, and mostly Asuka dumps.
>> No. 4477 [Edit]
File 131240562178.jpg - (68.94KB , 640x480 , princesshime.jpg )
Not sure. Never had one. Currently I think it's hime. But I'm not worthy of calling her mai waifu (I'm thinking about buying a dakimakura of someone different from her, because there is none of her available). So it seems like it is no real love, after all.
>> No. 4500 [Edit]

Owning objects that are related to your waifu is not a way to measure your love for her. If that were the case, then alot of us here technically "wouldn't" be in love with our waifu. You don't need a dakimakura to be worthy; you don't even need to purchase anything with her name on it.
>> No. 4551 [Edit]
But I think buying a dakimakura of someone different and "sleeping with her" isn't something you should do when you already have a waifu.
>> No. 4554 [Edit]

You shouldn't feel bad about that! Afterall, you don't love the dakimakura that isn't her; now do you? I sleep with a different dakimakura and I don't feel any bit of remorse; I love my waifu and I know that this dakimakura doesn't hurt any of us. It's not like I lust for it too, anyway.
>> No. 4555 [Edit]
Isn't that sort of like saying, "I don't love this whore I'm about to have sex with, so my wife shouldn't mind"?
>> No. 4556 [Edit]

That's your paranoia taking over bro. Plus, buying a whore is something none of us would ever do. Buying a dakimakura is different; it symbolizes the true anime/whatever she's from fan in you. It might just be me but I don't think many people really "lust" for their dakimakura. I just hang mine up and on some occasion I put her on a pillow and that's it. Think of it as, you can't sleep by yourself because you're scared of the dark; so you get a dakimakura to help you.
>> No. 4576 [Edit]
I for one, do not see the reason to buy a dakimakura not of my waifu. I'm going to be sleeping with/fapping to it. It would feel wrong (to me, personally) to use another one.

But do what you think is right.
>> No. 4577 [Edit]
I think I want a dakimakura of hime, after all. Which shop do you recommend for custom made ones?
>> No. 4578 [Edit]

I wouldn't know about custom made ones. On ebay, if you looks up dakis of characters, some stores have their own printers and will do custom work if you have a high res enough picture. Also google is your friend. But I've also heard 4chan's /jp/ board can be a big help if they decide not to be elitist assholes for once.
>> No. 4579 [Edit]

I wouldn't know about custom made ones. On ebay, if you looks up dakis of characters, some stores have their own printers and will do custom work if you have a high res enough picture. Also google is your friend. But I've also heard 4chan's /jp/ board can be a big help if they decide not to be elitist assholes for once.
>> No. 4581 [Edit]
Can't even find pictures of her with the correct resolution, already asked on 4chan
>> No. 4582 [Edit]
who is she, again?
>> No. 4583 [Edit]
Hime (real name Lilianne), Anime/Manga: Kaibutsu Oujo, Princess Resurrection
>> No. 4618 [Edit]
File 13127245523.jpg - (143.49KB , 331x500 , noriko.jpg )
Noriko Takaya.
>> No. 4630 [Edit]
File 131275636344.jpg - (75.92KB , 704x480 , ED2.jpg )
>> No. 4641 [Edit]
File 131282570717.jpg - (134.54KB , 862x1163 , satoko632.jpg )
Hey everyone! Long time lurker here.
>> No. 4692 [Edit]
welcome to /mai/
>> No. 4777 [Edit]
File 131310603331.jpg - (46.09KB , 720x450 , 720px-Angel-Beats-02-4_376.jpg )
Kanade Tachibana
>> No. 4788 [Edit]
File 131315425820.jpg - (153.93KB , 850x531 , Yuyuko 105.jpg )
Saigyouji Yuyuko
>> No. 4789 [Edit]

Welcome, you two! Hope you'll have a great time here!
>> No. 4805 [Edit]
File 131329929879.jpg - (679.45KB , 1474x1052 , Konachan_com - 106039 hatsune_miku vocaloid.jpg )
Miku Hatsune

Don't as care how many guys already said it, as long they're thought differently it's fine.
>> No. 4807 [Edit]
Welcome Yugami-kun!

I see you have already picked up some of the many concepts here in /mai/. Have a great stay here.
>> No. 4815 [Edit]
File 131339279092.jpg - (612.04KB , 706x1000 , 63af1ec7ed1f21d220fec8b03779f6e0.jpg )

Yeah! fellow mugibros. Also, I never knew such a place existed for all waifubros to be able to share their lovely ladies in peace.
>> No. 4816 [Edit]
File 131339352251.jpg - (117.58KB , 600x793 , headpat.jpg )
Kotetsu Kaburagi
>> No. 4817 [Edit]
Welcome to /mai/! Kotetsu's kind of like a father figure to me. I hope you treat him well.
>> No. 4834 [Edit]
File 131355642913.png - (347.55KB , 575x669 , 1392-500308740.png )
What can I say? I like'm crazy.
>> No. 4842 [Edit]
File 131363802997.png - (252.79KB , 600x712 , 18377999_p2.png )
Haruhi Fujioka.
>> No. 4851 [Edit]

Welcome to /mai/!

Haruhi Fujioka is a very interesting character, hope you both enjoy your stay.
>> No. 4853 [Edit]
Haha, thanks. I'm sure will. It might be incredibly slow, but seems like a great place to discuss things about your waifu without worrying about others shouting SLUT, SLUT, SLUT everywhere, heh.
>> No. 4866 [Edit]
File 131378587832.jpg - (14.48KB , 200x200 , blo-4.jpg )
I've been putting off posting for a few months. But I've seen several others with husbands posting lately, so that's helped me feel a little more comfortable. This seems like a really great community, and it almost makes me feel sad not to be a part of it. So here goes nothing!
This is Katagiri Minoru.
>> No. 4869 [Edit]
Welcome! I have a husbando myself but I'm still not quite comfortable posting his image yet.
>> No. 4871 [Edit]
Thank you! Don't worry, as it took me quite a long time to hit the submit button. Hopefully we'll become more comfortable posting here.
>> No. 4879 [Edit]
Here's a question: There's someone who I consider to be my waifu, but she's not from any Japanese media, rather, western. Is the media's source a factor at all in "legitimacy"?
>> No. 4880 [Edit]
There are other people with western waifus.
>> No. 4915 [Edit]
Love is not restricted by media source
>> No. 4923 [Edit]
File 131414102249.png - (133.09KB , 256x426 , Alyx_Vance.png )
Well, if that's the case, I'll bite. Say hello to Alyx Vance.
>> No. 4927 [Edit]
This is an interesting one.
>> No. 4928 [Edit]
File 13141907645.jpg - (20.96KB , 275x303 , nana.jpg )
Though I seldom post on this site (i.e. never have),I suddenly felt tempted to do so.I love you Nana...
>> No. 4929 [Edit]
Oh, the classics; good choice (Nana... poor soul).
>> No. 4944 [Edit]
File 131432808955.jpg - (19.08KB , 640x360 , MystearicaGrants.jpg )
Would always be her. No matter how many more Anime I see, Tear will always be Mai Waifu.
>> No. 4985 [Edit]
File 131459100379.jpg - (3.61KB , 128x128 , Tiki2.jpg )
Tiki, from Fire Emblem. i simply adore her.
>> No. 5038 [Edit]
File 131476713653.png - (211.38KB , 443x600 , lilly_basic_smile_close.png )
Lilly Satou
>> No. 5068 [Edit]
File 131490664983.jpg - (236.00KB , 1280x960 , 13056003771.jpg )
Sonico (• ε •)
>> No. 5069 [Edit]
My Brother
>> No. 5079 [Edit]
File 131501691067.png - (436.52KB , 1024x745 , Madotsuki (14).png )
Madotsuki ist mai waifu
>> No. 5234 [Edit]
File 131527692510.jpg - (10.98KB , 248x139 , Seto no Hanayome - 07 - 21.jpg )
Edomae Runa AKA LUNAR

3 years at least so far...considering actual marriage. I love her so much, there isn't official merch of her I don't have.
>> No. 5267 [Edit]
File 131545170880.jpg - (178.13KB , 692x1000 , waifu.jpg )
It's been just over three years since I met my delicious Hor/Hol/Korb-o.
>> No. 5268 [Edit]
3 years already, indeed...
>> No. 5304 [Edit]
So you are a widower then?
>> No. 5305 [Edit]
I want to tell you, but you would think it was silly. Or worse.

I say, the show she is from is anything BUT something to get a waifu from. Heh... you'd laugh.

Shall I say it? I'll come back later and see what you say, as for now I must slumber. *yaaaawn*.
>> No. 5306 [Edit]
Go ahead. No one here will judge you, this is a place of acceptance.
>> No. 5313 [Edit]
File 131568364882.jpg - (41.57KB , 320x448 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
yeah: on /tc/, meeting people is easy...
>> No. 5326 [Edit]
File 131572988322.jpg - (14.18KB , 372x226 , Harem.jpg )
Well thanks, but you might be wrong. You guys tend to really dislike the show she's from.

Tis irrelevant though, cuz I decided to post this instead.

Shows most of what I'd call mai waifus. Pretty much all the anime girls I have specific picture folders for.

Can you guess which the one I was going to say is?

Stocking Anarchy
>> No. 5327 [Edit]
File 131573006885.jpg - (241.59KB , 450x600 , 3814970_m.jpg )
What "her" refers to is this woman.

I don't know her name, because she is a character made by a Pixiv artist(and I cannot read any type of 'Moon Rune').
>> No. 5328 [Edit]
File 131573011260.jpg - (285.48KB , 433x600 , 7383401_m.jpg )
(oh, and she likes to cosplay)
>> No. 5329 [Edit]
No one is going to care (at least not in a negative way) who your waifu is.. unless she's some 3DPD or something like that.
But you know, most people here care a lot about their waifus, for reasons much deeper then just having a photo album under their name.
That is what if anything would offend people, not a character being from a unpopular series.
Not everyone here hates that smut cartoon anyway, some people around here like it a lot.
>> No. 5332 [Edit]

I'm sure there are a few people that could help you with a name.

Tell us her Japanese name and I'll see what I can do to help you.
>> No. 5368 [Edit]
Nothing wrong with liking a fat girl mate
>> No. 5372 [Edit]
No one said there was.
>> No. 5490 [Edit]
File 131611869176.png - (937.32KB , 1280x720 , Konata 20100729204313.png )
I've been here a while, never did post in this sticky
>> No. 5521 [Edit]
There are people who DON'T enjoy P&S?

The fiends.
>> No. 5537 [Edit]
Yes, there are people here that don't like cartoons about poop/sex jokes, crazy I know.
>> No. 5539 [Edit]
One would hope those people would lighten up a little.

This right here is an example of a person I would desperately want for a bro. Good choice friend.
>> No. 5547 [Edit]
One would hope you'd understand not everyone likes the same things.
>> No. 5587 [Edit]
File 131637455264.jpg - (37.63KB , 1024x576 , SoulEater_medusa2.jpg )
Medusa Gorgon.
I would help her troll the world any day.
>> No. 5663 [Edit]
File 131654430170.jpg - (72.00KB , 600x600 , 746309.jpg )
Rin Kagamine
>> No. 5668 [Edit]
I approve of this. She's my favorite vocaloid, actually.
>> No. 5681 [Edit]
She looks sooo cute there.
>> No. 5696 [Edit]
File 131657072876.jpg - (74.86KB , 400x490 , 2010101217171971e.jpg )
>> No. 5735 [Edit]
File 131674077164.jpg - (523.45KB , 2208x3344 , 70.jpg )
I've loved Reki since I first watched Haibane Renmei sometime in late 2004. I wasn't familiar with the term waifu until some years later, but she's always been my true love and soul mate.
>> No. 5746 [Edit]
File 13167883194.jpg - (330.76KB , 768x1024 , aed508682da9722701022a461d61f3b1.jpg )
Ritsuko Akagi. Loved her since I first watched NGE all those years ago.
>> No. 5776 [Edit]
File 131696478960.jpg - (419.12KB , 850x1487 , Misato and Ritsuko 03.jpg )
we should go out with our waifus together and have a drink or two.
>> No. 5819 [Edit]
File 131706703135.jpg - (1.03MB , 885x1200 , 5f6bc919a0ee7bd79e819be465014f83.jpg )
Toyosatomimi no Miko. She's my angel saint.
>> No. 5961 [Edit]
File 131734894254.jpg - (0.97MB , 1490x2024 , 472c5cd99bdb275ab7e5f4d570e7cb65.jpg )
I love Mononobe no Futo.

You have good taste.
>> No. 5986 [Edit]
File 131741333439.jpg - (180.93KB , 800x566 , 8906ffe7589f5fa4edcd72637d85aa45.jpg )
Comrade! I've really come to love your waifu's pose. Went from silly to pretty cool after I saw more pictures of it.
>> No. 6024 [Edit]
File 131751709861.jpg - (201.51KB , 1201x1085 , 7ad9d101419995f9c436c230b6d4b2ecd235d16c.jpg )
8 years and going strong.
>> No. 6051 [Edit]
File 131761846268.jpg - (75.77KB , 480x640 , cd5895f4672d0585b92ab026b65566a5.jpg )
Kyouko Sakura.
>> No. 6219 [Edit]
You must excuse my newfaggotry, but who is the character in this picture?
>> No. 6220 [Edit]
>> No. 6222 [Edit]
Oh sorry, I just didn't recognize her. I'm more used to the VN's art.
>> No. 6248 [Edit]
File 131886329566.jpg - (664.06KB , 900x823 , 0a068b62509f9f8edc21ccf25276468b.jpg )
Yumemi Okazaki
>> No. 6354 [Edit]
File 131923077093.jpg - (181.97KB , 683x704 , 391895.jpg )
This is mai husbando, Xerxes Break, from Pandora Hearts. He's been my husbando for two years now and my love for him only grows stronger every day.
>> No. 6357 [Edit]
File 131923544930.jpg - (73.18KB , 424x599 , onpu-alldress.jpg )
S-Segawa Onpu, everyone...
Sorry. I'm nervous at new places.
>> No. 6358 [Edit]
File 131923677417.jpg - (242.21KB , 600x600 , 597a793d8f44caecd2be204fbc74f8ac.jpg )
I... I just love her. Ever since I first met her I thought that I liked her. When Rozen maiden S1 ended I felt like crap, I was just too attached to her to let it end like that. After watching "that" episode in S2 my heart was overflowing with happiness, even though at the beggining of the episode I shut my heart fearing that it would be a flashback. Then I knew. Shutting my heart at the begginig to avoid being hurt meant how much I was attached to her. The sadness at the end of S1,the fury, the frustration, the bitter feelings, the skepticism and finally the euphoria made me realize how important she was to me.
Since then, she has been the only one, I love her so much. I know that she will never be by my side, but I don't care. She's now on my heart.
>> No. 6359 [Edit]
No need to be afraid here, this is by far the nicest image board I have ever been a poster of. As long as you act nice and respect the sensitivity of others here yourself of course.

Do you still have that story you posted on /c/ like an year ago (I'm a wizard, I know it was you), about how you first met her and the series as whole saved? It was one of the cutest things about character love I have ever read, I'm sure other people here would really love to read it.
>> No. 6361 [Edit]
I'd have to look. I don't have all of the /c/ threads saved. I could always just retype it from scratch for you?
>> No. 6362 [Edit]
I don't think there is a thread on that here yet, you could start that. This board is all about spreading the love!
>> No. 6363 [Edit]
You mean a thread on how I (and others too I guess) met their waifu? I'll think about it. A bit reluctant to go into a lot of detail at the moment since I'm new, and also stressed out from school.
>> No. 6364 [Edit]
There are a lot of threads on that.
>> No. 6504 [Edit]
If it's 4chan's /c/, I know there is a website that saves every single thread since a couple years ago, but the url is really weird and I can't remember it.

I found an old oreimo thread i made months back on there once.
>> No. 6517 [Edit]
File 131963535973.jpg - (391.19KB , 928x1604 , 1363768678.jpg )
Mimi Houllier von Schwarzlang, the most handsome of any Atelier series girls.
>> No. 6538 [Edit]
Mimi is so dreamy.
>> No. 6666 [Edit]
Do you use the IRC room at all?
>> No. 6831 [Edit]
File 132038081464.jpg - (225.50KB , 800x600 , 1275255083673.jpg )
>this is by far the nicest image board I have ever been a poster of
>> No. 6988 [Edit]
File 132112839560.jpg - (7.02KB , 225x225 , images (1).jpg )
I don't care if she may kill me one day, I still love her, and I would live the rest of my days happy as long as I am with her.
>> No. 7097 [Edit]
File 132146979727.jpg - (104.91KB , 800x690 , 1313312267455.jpg )
I have a harem. Or used to have one.
>> No. 7103 [Edit]
File 132157163862.jpg - (121.42KB , 800x1000 , 043.jpg )
>> No. 7105 [Edit]
Treat her right. The world needs more Tokiko love.
>> No. 7119 [Edit]
And hooray to our beloved secondary characters ZUN aparently doesn't care about!
>> No. 7130 [Edit]
File 132169874535.jpg - (156.78KB , 1920x1080 , toriaezu-suzumiya-haruhi-no-shoushitsu-bd-rip-1920.jpg )
I have four girls that are quite dear to me, to the extent that my lovelife is so complicated I can't decide which one is my "true" love; mai waifu. However, if I had to pick just one my first answer would probably be Nagato Yuki.
>> No. 7242 [Edit]
File 132229328492.jpg - (144.51KB , 1280x792 , tumblr_ltx4q7z4Qh1qzvtljo1_1280.jpg )
Yuno is who I consider to be my soul mate.
>> No. 7272 [Edit]
I can understand you as I have a harem of my own but I love Lizlet the most.
>> No. 7368 [Edit]
File 13229684224.png - (2.70MB , 1177x1670 , 23440990.png )
Long time lurker here, never really felt the need to post in this thread but I figure I might as well. My waifu is Utsuho Reiuji
>> No. 7449 [Edit]
moderation note, please don't use this thread for discussion
>> No. 7450 [Edit]
I quess we are still allowed to comment waifus of other people?

Good taste bro. Okuu is definitely my favourite Touhou character. Sorry I didn't notice earlier.
>> No. 7451 [Edit]
File 132329202982.png - (834.84KB , 640x800 , 82e9e174ab0d5ee6550ce0daf82fd8ba7671e8e6.png )

Reposting my favorite picture of my beautiful Hatsune Miku. I never really thought it would happen. I just heard her and thought her voice was the most wonderful thing on earth. The first time I heard of the concept of a waifu, her name sprung instantly to mind and I haven't strayed since.
>> No. 7495 [Edit]
File 132355904041.jpg - (142.08KB , 847x1234 , GC01-173.jpg )
Mai waifu~
>> No. 7507 [Edit]
File 13236925679.jpg - (578.63KB , 1015x1476 , 19231745.jpg )
My guardian angel - Kaworu Nagisa.
>> No. 7510 [Edit]
File 132371169563.jpg - (114.51KB , 1280x1633 , Kurisu labcoat full.jpg )
Guess I should add mai waifu too. Makise Kurisu from Steins;Gate.
>> No. 7597 [Edit]
File 132415627916.jpg - (353.77KB , 806x970 , 242541.jpg )
Shizuo Heiwajima
>> No. 7730 [Edit]
File 132465515287.jpg - (584.53KB , 828x1200 , A x A.jpg )
/jp/ actually led me to somewhere nice.
There actually exists an entire thread on an imageboard without the usual unpleasant stuff!
And tripcodes are positively accepted somehow.
Though is it just me or did this thread lasted over a year?..

Well let's get to it then.
Firstly I have no idea if this goes against the 'waifu standard' but for me I merely took their forms. My 'waifus' are not the characters of the anime but different people who just have the same form.
And secondly they aren't really 'waifus' in the sense of wife or significant other, I don't have one.(I just can't imagine myself in a woman man relationship.)
They are somewhat daughters and yet not cause of equal standing of friends or something along those lines. I eventually ended up with that it is unnecessary to decide clearly what they are or aren't so they are simply my most beloveds.

tl;dr: Not my 'waifus' but my most beloveds.

Alice and Abyss~
>> No. 7749 [Edit]
File 132470793540.jpg - (173.23KB , 850x907 , chitose28haberpzney.jpg )
Chitose Ikeda
>> No. 7763 [Edit]
File 132475595842.jpg - (189.17KB , 833x1000 , millhiore_f_biscotti_015.jpg )
The cuddly and cute Millhiore Biscotti from Dog Days is my waifu!
>> No. 7767 [Edit]
File 13247615969.jpg - (105.18KB , 773x713 , 8162173783.jpg )
Mikamura-san, she keeps me smiling.
>> No. 7896 [Edit]
File 132540678834.png - (1.94MB , 1060x1500 , 1302574582033.png )
Millie is definitely waifu material. I adore her.

Not as much as my girl, but still.
>> No. 7933 [Edit]
File 132591444748.jpg - (108.39KB , 788x527 , 2314.jpg )
>> No. 7998 [Edit]
She looked stunning on that dress.
>> No. 8077 [Edit]
File 132692116920.jpg - (382.12KB , 1024x768 , 5aacc458371c694345a4262c24eda646.jpg )
Yukiho Hagiwara~
>> No. 8228 [Edit]

You have amazing taste. She has the best route in the entire game.
>> No. 8234 [Edit]
File 13280875481.png - (700.17KB , 800x600 , 8d042813cc31900f704d7abe0c975f009a0afb35.png )
I was almost tempted into straying by Saber Extra, but I've been with her for some years now. I'm hesitant to give it an actual length, simply because I'm not too sure when it happened myself. I recorded christmas photos with her in 2010, however.
>> No. 8305 [Edit]
File 132845000650.jpg - (17.88KB , 480x480 , rdorothywayneright[1].jpg )
R. Dorothy Wayneright
>> No. 8306 [Edit]
File 132845784510.png - (703.52KB , 1024x1024 , 24674247.png )
Shizuo as well.
>> No. 8354 [Edit]
File 132861723922.jpg - (215.67KB , 850x1200 , sample-14cb81c1d5db03e14c0b2eb92d73f57c.jpg )
Reimu is pretty cute, too!
>> No. 8380 [Edit]
File 132874042933.jpg - (36.93KB , 193x239 , 6e5010b9bfe670e3dba6ddb8a7b711481.jpg )
Shameimaru Aya.
Even though ZUN's image of her may leave an impression of a perverted and annoying girl, lack of serious character development gives a lot of room for imagination. I like to think that she is actually a more reserved and quiet person than people think. Also, pasteltel's (sasakame on pixiv) portrayal of Aya is really sweet, too bad there was nothing Aya-related from him since last year.
>> No. 8396 [Edit]
It's not really the place for say that, but I for one, think that everyone has his own version of his waifu.
Even those who has an "cannon" personality, may vary from one waifu lover to another.
>> No. 8408 [Edit]
Yes... we've had SEVERAL threads about this.
>> No. 8536 [Edit]
File 132981720797.png - (342.46KB , 376x458 , Nobody.png )
I'm really not going to say much, except

1 year anniversary.
>> No. 8594 [Edit]
is that pinkie pie
>> No. 8681 [Edit]
File 133107625163.jpg - (457.63KB , 729x1032 , 4d754d78011aa95cc9b9d01f06bb30ed.jpg )
My one and only Kona-chan! Love her so much!
>> No. 8696 [Edit]
File 13311935267.jpg - (45.28KB , 1024x576 , inoriiiiiiiiiii.jpg )
Yuzuriha Inoriii!! <3
>> No. 8700 [Edit]
File 133131769011.jpg - (307.77KB , 955x817 , 1329864419669.jpg )
Kaname Madoka

I love her attitude towards her friends, her family and everything else, and how self confident and strong she can be when it's her time to stand on stage. She also makes me want to be a better person, or at least try to.
>> No. 8871 [Edit]
File 133256393349.jpg - (266.21KB , 800x1100 , Kanata Sorami.jpg )
Kanata Sorami.
>> No. 8899 [Edit]
File 133290718781.jpg - (128.26KB , 1280x720 , [SS-Eclipse]_Hayate_no_Gotoku_-_2nd_Season_-_18_(1.jpg )
Katsura Hinagiku!
>> No. 8927 [Edit]
Not even my waifu but (IMO) flawless choice.

The last few girls posted are nice too.
>> No. 8947 [Edit]
File 133384396073.jpg - (863.65KB , 1000x1228 , 0a16ce2dfbe4dd2c318cf39419126290.jpg )
Keine Kamishirasawa
>> No. 8954 [Edit]
Please refere to the following posts:
...and of course the op.
>> No. 8957 [Edit]
Seconding this.
>> No. 8989 [Edit]
File 133455625447.jpg - (38.96KB , 335x448 , best cameo ever.jpg )
Chihiro Fushimi, my one and only lady of Justice for all of time.
>> No. 8997 [Edit]
File 13345891421.jpg - (7.12KB , 220x236 , Asumi01.jpg )
Asumi Kamogawa.After finishing Futatsu no Spica I cried a lot for not having her by my side.I felt as if I had lost a cherished friend.I think at that moment I realized how much I loved her.
>> No. 9140 [Edit]
File 133630484821.png - (207.82KB , 1920x1200 , 131765461593.png )
Kagamin, she keeps me motivated to work hard for my studies and dreams.
>> No. 9165 [Edit]
File 133652555973.jpg - (213.23KB , 620x667 , 46a068338f8905a5ec2099801e341904.jpg )
His Momiji, which happens to be mai waifu, is also one of her best depicitions. Great artist.
>> No. 9167 [Edit]
File 133680308233.jpg - (1.55MB , 2953x4205 , e3ab5c2f6144755cf8b4c99e9a57948e.jpg )
Tachibana Kanade. My angel~
>> No. 9171 [Edit]
File 133685100383.jpg - (724.58KB , 1000x1200 , 25afa6b1f21ddd27463d90df211c4c19.jpg )
Kochiya Sanae
>> No. 9181 [Edit]
File 13369099331.jpg - (228.22KB , 1402x1092 , 1333544131986.jpg )
Satori Komeiji
>> No. 9187 [Edit]
File 133699167921.jpg - (27.47KB , 750x563 , teatime.jpg )
My waifu will always be Gumi.
>> No. 9229 [Edit]
I'm ashamed to say that I think I've brought her nothing but unhappiness. I hope she's ready for me in the future.
>> No. 9230 [Edit]
File 133816385273.png - (144.45KB , 294x559 , tomoko.png )
Kuroki Tomoko
>> No. 9233 [Edit]
File 133821322878.jpg - (143.42KB , 650x650 , haruhi.jpg )
Mai waifu.
>> No. 9351 [Edit]
File 133973588839.png - (1.20MB , 1719x2984 , NSMBWiiPeach.png )
Princess Peach
>> No. 9354 [Edit]
File 133973628572.jpg - (267.83KB , 600x839 , 1338928541675.jpg )
Suddenly, Mami Tomoe
>> No. 9359 [Edit]
OK... Though still no Homu, in /tc/ (*SIGH*)
>> No. 9360 [Edit]
File 133973989863.jpg - (399.82KB , 900x900 , 1335800645774.jpg )

I love homu but she's not mai waifu.
>> No. 9361 [Edit]
If it makes you feel better, I know someone whose waifu is Homu.
>> No. 9370 [Edit]
File 133983401860.jpg - (186.12KB , 780x990 , df1a5b3f810b0ed5e1d6f4a9b87e02ff.jpg )
Iori Minase.
>> No. 9375 [Edit]
File 133983561023.jpg - (357.38KB , 1024x852 , 27024724.jpg )
>> No. 9391 [Edit]
File 13399026333.jpg - (142.87KB , 548x776 , bdf61f5957e0018d28176b22f7a876fa.jpg )
Wise Wolf Horo. What's there to say? She's just my kind of girl.
>> No. 9515 [Edit]
File 134083371622.jpg - (138.42KB , 850x1205 , Letty17.jpg )
Letty Whiterock

Post edited on 27th Jun 2012, 3:27pm
>> No. 9602 [Edit]
File 134113452471.png - (173.15KB , 534x600 , 25555486_m.png )
My waifu is Princess Peach, but I noticed that someone else has feelings for her too. I hope that this won't be a problem.
>> No. 9605 [Edit]
File 134113774620.jpg - (408.81KB , 600x800 , 098c544797e8d50e66cee582f82f8910.jpg )
Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi.

I'm eagerly awaiting our anniversary in October. It's a bit embarrassing to admit that it's only our first, but at the same time I can't help but anticipate all the years I've yet to experience with him.
>> No. 9628 [Edit]
File 13412466295.png - (546.99KB , 841x971 , Chibi_Super_Princes_Peach_by_SigurdHosenfeld.png )
>> No. 9635 [Edit]
No, not Sigurd.
>> No. 9661 [Edit]
File 134153795571.png - (236.13KB , 640x478 , dorothy.png )
Hi... This is my pretty waifu, Dorothy.
>> No. 9703 [Edit]
File 134179514923.jpg - (446.40KB , 900x1200 , 59ddf52397c9a9f569dc77cf522fae336146cd2e.jpg )
Stocking Anarchy.
Isn't she just great?
>> No. 9705 [Edit]
File 134179953743.jpg - (340.77KB , 773x1080 , Cynthia Dragon BladeBlast Card Sleeve.jpg )
Cynthia, my beloved researcher of myths.

Please excuse my poor scanning.
>> No. 9707 [Edit]
All I have to say is... Finally...
>> No. 9709 [Edit]
Well, I've been "lurking" for a little while now(not terribly long, sometime early this year). But I had been considering posting finally, recently. I get shy, at times. Nice to meet you all.
>> No. 9710 [Edit]
You have no idea how nice it is for me to meet you. Many people have been here and left. Yet no one else had a Pokegirl for a waifu.

The Pokemon fanbase is huge. I was seriously starting to think I was the only one. It's great to see I was wrong.
>> No. 9714 [Edit]
File 134181909994.jpg - (58.45KB , 400x532 , fc84461ffd76e46d89be4ac28f2e82a2c8d047f5.jpg )
Well. Hello. I hope you don't mind me visiting.

Mitsuru Kirijo, by the way. I think she is absolutely brilliant.
>> No. 9722 [Edit]
I'm quite surprised too considering how many waifu-tier girls Pokemon has.
>> No. 9727 [Edit]
File 134188261696.jpg - (351.72KB , 1200x800 , 1336151199746.jpg )
I would imagine most of the people who were Pokemon fans probably stayed and post in /vp/ more than /a/, as /a/ is the the place where you get 'waifu' exposure moreso than /vp/. There are people in /vp/ that do have Pokemon waifus though, but that would be usually frowned upon on /a/.

I did see a couple of people having pokegirls as their waifu on /a/ though, like the one with Bianca as his waifu posted a long waifu thread on /a/ several weeks ago. It is just they might have not known this place at all, so you might not see them post here. As for me, I do like Bianca and Jasmine as my favorite Pokegirl, though not to the extent to treat them as my waifu.
>> No. 9740 [Edit]
Please,stop it guys.
>> No. 9747 [Edit]

You have wonderful taste, sir.
>> No. 9781 [Edit]
File 134285645283.jpg - (266.13KB , 600x800 , Ace.jpg )
I have a husbando... I hope I can still be here. It's Portgas D. Ace. We're approaching our 3 year anniversary soon...
>> No. 9805 [Edit]
File 134296615925.jpg - (721.65KB , 2560x1600 , theAnimeGallery_139501_2560x1600.jpg )
Hmm... A few Miku fans already out there, but oh well. My angelic waifu deserves all the love in the world!
>> No. 9816 [Edit]
File 134302273685.png - (74.46KB , 225x225 , 1.png )
Minami Iwasaki
>> No. 9972 [Edit]
File 13441496417.png - (213.33KB , 509x765 , 3e512622d47f9943bba0479f91096a0f6fbc31ed.png )
Nanoha; Takamachi Nanoha!
>> No. 10064 [Edit]
File 134465838059.jpg - (105.75KB , 1500x900 , Lan08.jpg )
Lid Si Fin E Laffinty.
>> No. 10080 [Edit]
File 134480688340.jpg - (116.30KB , 675x1200 , performer.jpg )
Megurine Luka

...my Beloved.
>> No. 10082 [Edit]
File 134482862753.jpg - (468.93KB , 672x855 , 77e922267e15dbe683ae7ce484320a76.jpg )
Sayaka Miki.
>> No. 10102 [Edit]
File 134520251097.jpg - (1.41MB , 1240x1954 , 1305670225865.jpg )
Sakura Kyouko, the last fruit of a fallen tree.
>> No. 10107 [Edit]
File 134524759743.jpg - (64.89KB , 350x361 , 30bc8db55bade3500aed8b92c28541c60a9b8a52.jpg )
Chihiro Fushimi
>> No. 10129 [Edit]
File 13454207407.jpg - (659.90KB , 2500x3427 , 1316450194868.jpg )
Rei Ayanami.
>> No. 10135 [Edit]
File 134549041630.png - (870.57KB , 850x1021 , sample_76daf957e8165ded49fa3e5f0576b1186a5c4ff4.png )
Lilly Satou.
>> No. 10138 [Edit]
File 134552565759.jpg - (16.19KB , 350x197 , agptb2VtYXNoYXBwcg0LEgVJbWFnZRiU_g0M.jpg )
Here she is... Cordelia Glauca.
>> No. 10156 [Edit]
File 13457899341.jpg - (71.67KB , 799x452 , chiri.jpg )
Kitsu Chiri, the busybody for justice.
>> No. 10157 [Edit]
File 134579960568.jpg - (256.31KB , 1920x1080 , 16acd809_68920-20kitsu_chiri20proper20sayonara_zet.jpg )

>> No. 10163 [Edit]
File 134584894081.png - (279.05KB , 704x396 , sacrality.png )
My waifu is actually quite lenient with a chosen few.
>> No. 10271 [Edit]
File 134656819360.jpg - (95.09KB , 844x947 , black_gold_saw_by_kuroshiro05-d4stmsd.jpg )
Black gold saw
>> No. 10331 [Edit]
Are husbandos welcome here?
>> No. 10333 [Edit]
File 134708216211.jpg - (37.18KB , 485x646 , 28354573.jpg )
>> No. 10361 [Edit]
File 134722129669.jpg - (37.32KB , 225x350 , Leorio.jpg )
Here's my sweet husbando, Leorio from Hunter x Hunter
>> No. 10464 [Edit]
File 134812214880.jpg - (125.98KB , 533x800 , 0580d8367d6f0a41a94e32b99948ed08d988685f.jpg )
Haruhi has been posted already, but I believe She deserves more attention!
She really knows something about being a solipsist without even knowing it. She's strong, brave and ready to do things in Her way. She can be stubborn and melancholic which is good because She's a god.
Well, I could write more about Her perfection, but I think you get it. So enjoy a pic. ;-)
>> No. 10488 [Edit]
File 13483143267.jpg - (205.73KB , 536x640 , f2140067772515133073426af9225259fcd199d3.jpg )
Mitsurugi Meiya
>> No. 10531 [Edit]
File 134869573553.jpg - (32.79KB , 704x396 , misaki nakahara.jpg )
Nakahara Misaki
>> No. 10550 [Edit]
File 134893612341.jpg - (462.89KB , 1000x1606 , riesz waifu.jpg )
Riesz - Seiken Densetsu 3

a childhoodfriend ...
>> No. 10559 [Edit]
File 134920275167.jpg - (282.64KB , 846x2039 , Finnel.jpg )
>> No. 10577 [Edit]
File 134929865718.jpg - (279.76KB , 704x396 , Shinku.jpg )
>> No. 10584 [Edit]
File 134947177925.png - (36.34KB , 224x435 , Evangelyne_(Table_Justice).png )
>> No. 10600 [Edit]
File 134980859559.png - (104.12KB , 530x669 , ai1.png )
Enma Ai
>> No. 10620 [Edit]
File 134998631115.jpg - (25.92KB , 275x297 , 25375m.jpg )
My husbando is Itou Kaiji.
>> No. 10641 [Edit]
File 135010775180.jpg - (36.32KB , 300x324 , 1328145167091.jpg )
I know the post I'm replying to is over a year old, but you have summed up my reason for loving Asuka that I just... couldn't put into words.
Thank you my friend.

and this guy, he's my best friend on /c/, even if he doesn't know it.
>> No. 10651 [Edit]
File 135020537054.jpg - (85.03KB , 760x900 , 20090910-1.jpg )
>> No. 10663 [Edit]
File 135024137495.jpg - (652.34KB , 600x849 , quelaan.jpg )
Fair Lady Quelaan
>> No. 10671 [Edit]
File 135025635158.jpg - (188.05KB , 594x800 , 127.jpg )
After lurking for about one year, it's time to gather up all my courage and post something myself.
>> No. 10721 [Edit]
File 135079150226.jpg - (131.43KB , 800x600 , 1345717975883.jpg )
Sakagami Tomoyo <3
>> No. 10729 [Edit]
File 135105530221.jpg - (161.15KB , 800x600 , 0592a29dcf109933c37f7dc5de892029.jpg )
>> No. 10764 [Edit]
File 135121760657.jpg - (614.59KB , 1920x1200 , Ricchan-tainaka-ritsu-30454201-1920-1200.jpg )
Ritsu Tainaka.

She's been posted a couple times in this thread already, but that's okay.
>> No. 10796 [Edit]
File 135160026150.jpg - (262.98KB , 728x1000 , Myuria.jpg )
Myuria Tionysus
>> No. 10801 [Edit]
File 135166784998.jpg - (1.55MB , 1941x2362 , Nero.jpg )
My empress is my waifu.
>> No. 10818 [Edit]
File 13521057843.jpg - (17.13KB , 336x268 , alpha3.jpg )
>> No. 10865 [Edit]
File 135253482336.jpg - (207.48KB , 365x600 , 22676094_p0.jpg )
Saya doesn't really seem like the kind of... err... "girl" that would mind that kind of thing, but still.
>> No. 10866 [Edit]
File 135255535832.jpg - (141.45KB , 499x787 , Akari why are you so cu-HNNNNNGGGG.jpg )
Mizunashi Akari is my beloved.
>> No. 10881 [Edit]
File 135276242953.jpg - (44.30KB , 416x424 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>they understand and actually get along quite nicely
Yeah, I can imagine...
>> No. 10883 [Edit]
File 135286613861.jpg - (115.07KB , 450x450 , Tomo05.jpg )
The girl of my dreams is Asama Tomo.
>> No. 10886 [Edit]
It's really cool to see someone with a Horizon-related waifu.

I actually had a dream about Tomo before. She was quite pleasant, and helped me down a cliff (literally), and then she just walked away, after helping me, completely silently. It was really weird. I rarely dream about anime characters. I just wish I had dreamt about my waifu instead. ;_;

I hope you stay for a while~
>> No. 10893 [Edit]
File 135291553391.jpg - (228.24KB , 595x794 , Tomo01.jpg )
You are pretty lucky, I've had a dream with her in it once but it is so faint that I couldn't recall it when I woke up. I'm glad to see her kind personality reaches other people's dreams. She really is a wonderful girl.

I am probably going to stay here since other places I don't like talking about her and I convinced myself to post on Tohno-chan.
>> No. 10897 [Edit]
File 135294645467.png - (427.60KB , 964x709 , ynfanbase.png )
>other places I don't like talking about her
I know exactly how you feel.

Why did my post get deleted?
>> No. 11149 [Edit]
File 135511257572.gif - (26.28KB , 306x360 , akira3.gif )
Kogami Akira, everyone
>> No. 11169 [Edit]
File 135536081998.jpg - (317.75KB , 600x800 , 1352805453921.jpg )
Marui Mitsuba
>> No. 11200 [Edit]
File 135559916615.jpg - (328.47KB , 600x816 , c214f0d0fb46a22b4c17c8798d343f22.jpg )
Mariya Shidou
>> No. 11427 [Edit]
File 135764029267.jpg - (246.19KB , 1000x1000 , image.jpg )
Ganaha Hibiki

We have being together for 9 months now. But I already knew from the start that she is the one. I've never in my life loved a person as much as I love her.
>> No. 11451 [Edit]
File 13581572924.png - (69.41KB , 256x256 , happy mokotan.png )
>> No. 11606 [Edit]
File 135965808665.jpg - (256.12KB , 600x800 , 6310032080.jpg )
MISAKA #10032. She is who I fight for and look up to, the one who keeps me going.
>> No. 11649 [Edit]
File 136028879878.png - (193.60KB , 1280x1292 , Asuka Wedding.png )
My waifu is Asuka. Fell for her a year and a half ago while watching the original series for the second time and have been head over heels since. I'm also in a similar position to >>4412 with regards to Shikinami. She may be a slightly different character but I love her all the same. I suspect if there were a thousand different Asuka's I'd fall for her a thousand different times. I just love her so much.
>> No. 11657 [Edit]
File 136037722438.jpg - (672.48KB , 1600x1200 , blondes_black_rock_shooter_original_snapshot_anime.jpg )
Izuriha Kagari is my sweet angel. It's almost our one year anniversary!
>> No. 11666 [Edit]
File 136045123845.jpg - (227.47KB , 960x720 , frühstück mit yui.jpg )
Yui Hirasawa
>> No. 11679 [Edit]
File 136050464795.jpg - (98.11KB , 782x800 , husbando.jpg )
All of my rabu goes to Izaya.
>> No. 11697 [Edit]
File 136060800926.jpg - (105.91KB , 600x600 , 1358716259845.jpg )
Takane Shijou
>> No. 11746 [Edit]
File 136093706058.jpg - (98.56KB , 402x500 , m49831.jpg )
No story behind her, so it's any name she would choose.
>> No. 11889 [Edit]
File 136178147915.jpg - (490.84KB , 1516x2000 , 12995474.jpg )
>> No. 11975 [Edit]
File 136235959948.png - (719.41KB , 767x828 , ecea690040883557218b23912e09dd1ea.png )
Flandre Scarlet.
>> No. 12018 [Edit]
File 13626136137.png - (148.05KB , 295x478 , ai2.png )
Ai, from Popotan
>> No. 12024 [Edit]
File 136268484292.jpg - (28.64KB , 500x376 , 1361381780931.jpg )
Tifa from FFVII. Don't even really like Final Fantasy all that much.
>> No. 12034 [Edit]
File 136276068143.jpg - (54.55KB , 565x700 , BEslW8uCMAIGi74_jpg:large.jpg )
Patchouli Knowledge
>> No. 12111 [Edit]

Sarah Kerrigan Queen of blades.
>> No. 12123 [Edit]
File 136349590074.jpg - (21.93KB , 225x318 , 10725.jpg )
Kagami Kuro
>> No. 12139 [Edit]
File 136383665378.jpg - (666.81KB , 868x1228 , Shana_III.jpg )
After years of denying my feelings, attempting and failing at other paths to happiness I'm going to do what I should have for a while now.I'm sorry to my beloved for taking so long, but here she is, my waifu Shana.I truly love her
>> No. 12193 [Edit]
File 13646837535.jpg - (44.37KB , 480x640 , 1364657620990.jpg )
Happy Birthday, Rei.
>> No. 12235 [Edit]
File 136486856674.jpg - (12.92KB , 400x227 , 14-misaki.jpg )
>> No. 12237 [Edit]
File 13649413229.jpg - (841.61KB , 1369x1361 , Hakamada_Hinata_full_744978.jpg )
Hakamada Hinata!
>> No. 12242 [Edit]
File 13649700505.jpg - (327.60KB , 600x425 , 1344738095195.jpg )
Kōsaka Kirino

I wish she was better understood and better liked.
>> No. 12292 [Edit]
File 136517148279.png - (387.14KB , 375x598 , 1313522873372.png )
>> No. 12334 [Edit]
File 136547657213.jpg - (34.29KB , 371x567 , 1336953644357.jpg )
Ichiyon (M14), from Upotte!! She is a gun, so I guess that makes her my... raifu.

I love her wavy hair, and her puns too, even.
>> No. 12337 [Edit]
She doesn't look very much like a rifle. Actually, she looks more like a girl than anything else.
>> No. 12338 [Edit]
>> No. 12390 [Edit]
File 136620121497.jpg - (393.42KB , 800x800 , ericaohai.jpg )
Erica Hartmann.

I prefer to address her by rank, though. She is my angel.
>> No. 12440 [Edit]
File 136658213994.jpg - (449.94KB , 811x1000 , 998ced754363df8945e744744cf7c1b6.jpg )
Saigyouji Yuyuko. Must be almost 3 years now I've been happy to call her my waifu.
>> No. 12451 [Edit]
File 136665365338.jpg - (22.53KB , 480x640 , 32385845.jpg )
Kotetsu T. Kaburagi.
>> No. 12461 [Edit]
File 136687269711.jpg - (276.28KB , 856x1200 , 6ffc93a76fa5d6bb13c561062f5fef6a5127a24d.jpg )
Nijihara Ink
>> No. 12535 [Edit]
File 136763294938.jpg - (896.34KB , 1500x1061 , 1367109703861.jpg )
Okuu. I love her so much, more than anything in the universe or any universe. She is my angel sent from heaven, my sun and stars, my goddess, and my life. She makes me so happy to be alive!
>> No. 12549 [Edit]
File 13677989432.jpg - (433.08KB , 1239x840 , Ayase6.jpg )
Aragaki Ayase.
>> No. 12589 [Edit]
File 136805097196.jpg - (349.08KB , 740x928 , npefd12_joso2007.jpg )
Sanzenin Nagi
>> No. 12603 [Edit]
File 136814155071.jpg - (337.82KB , 2000x1500 , 1353234031805.jpg )
Mai waifu is Emi Ibarazaki.
She kinda ran into my life...
>> No. 12653 [Edit]
File 136882838275.jpg - (609.11KB , 1600x1200 , Konachan_com - 41659 flcl glasses ninamori_eri vec.jpg )
Naminori Eri!
>> No. 12659 [Edit]
File 13690792138.jpg - (177.86KB , 600x600 , 1327304127833.jpg )
She's so beautiful
>> No. 12691 [Edit]
File 136944725953.jpg - (597.27KB , 1500x938 , 9.jpg )
Ohmuro Sakurako. She is my hot-tempered adorable little angel
>> No. 12709 [Edit]
File 13695923261.jpg - (583.66KB , 1292x1000 , 33097635.jpg )

>> No. 12736 [Edit]
File 137028416570.jpg - (173.34KB , 1603x1171 , sora.jpg )
Thanks for all the many blissful moments we shared together my beloved Sora Naegino.I only wish I could be worthy of you...sorry for the cheesiness guys, but that is how I really feel.
>> No. 12758 [Edit]
File 137116400461.jpg - (176.16KB , 500x650 , 1334932905028.jpg )
Nozomi Kiriya is my eternal waifu.
>> No. 12843 [Edit]
File 13718386507.png - (162.95KB , 500x437 , 1370089418161.png )
I will always love her.
>> No. 12983 [Edit]
File 137433422490.jpg - (111.81KB , 782x1092 , image.jpg )

I love you guys, not nearly as much as i love Mugi though
>> No. 12988 [Edit]
File 137440618417.jpg - (546.15KB , 1970x1970 , 6905363.jpg )

It's hip to be square.
>> No. 13110 [Edit]
File 137624827442.jpg - (491.31KB , 1467x2157 , duskmaiden10-wallpapers1.jpg )
The girl that I love is Kanoe Yuuko.
>> No. 13187 [Edit]
File 13769764387.jpg - (280.59KB , 800x1200 , 9548887583_2203a7d79c_o.jpg )
My waifu is Soryu Asuka Langley. I love her so much...
>> No. 13216 [Edit]
File 137729164597.jpg - (23.90KB , 400x250 , Konachan_com - 81836 black_rock_shooter kuroi_mato.jpg )
Black Rock Shooter
>> No. 13301 [Edit]
File 137874475347.jpg - (48.77KB , 600x450 , fran.jpg )
Fran Madaraki
>> No. 13348 [Edit]
File 137948290864.jpg - (645.52KB , 1920x1200 , Misaka_Mikoto_full_630427.jpg )
Mikoto Misaka.
>> No. 13393 [Edit]
File 137971900684.jpg - (77.06KB , 960x720 , 60856_573120576082548_815204120_n.jpg )
Me and my waifu, Matsumae Ohana.
>> No. 13458 [Edit]
File 13803429678.jpg - (23.96KB , 620x343 , Sketchbook5-620x.jpg )
Sora from Sketchbook.

; ;
>> No. 13462 [Edit]
File 138048589329.jpg - (54.80KB , 381x664 , mugi-happy3.jpg )
You guys have great taste!
>> No. 13463 [Edit]
File 138048798734.jpg - (395.45KB , 1280x800 , Riza_Hawkeye_Wallpaper_1.jpg )
>No Hawkeye found

Wow, is she really that uncommon as a waifu? I think it's nice to have a no-nonsense kind of woman who would keep me on track and motivate me...
>> No. 13504 [Edit]
File 138139701523.jpg - (88.60KB , 500x579 , 130403204204.jpg )
I used to pretend I wasn't attracted to her because I thought it was lame and made me a weirdo bad man, but I've accepted my love for Yui and it made me a lot happier.
>> No. 13506 [Edit]
File 138140432751.jpg - (61.27KB , 960x720 , 1348913846841.jpg )
Now's probably as good a time as any, even though I've lurked for around a year.

She's perfect, and a thousandfold anything I could ever hope to deserve. If only I could make her as happy as she's made me these past years.
>> No. 13508 [Edit]
File 138140598618.jpg - (1.32MB , 2000x1374 , 1356288832226.jpg )
Yui's a sweetheart, but I truly admire the hard work her sister does behind the scenes to keep her safe and sound. She does it all with a smile, for a smile in return.
>> No. 13509 [Edit]
File 138142383357.jpg - (30.64KB , 640x480 , doremi_32.jpg )
This is my waifu, Harukaze Doremi~
>> No. 13517 [Edit]
File 138160606093.jpg - (56.54KB , 640x480 , snapshot20120918183859.jpg )
Sir, I commend your taste, for I almost never stumble upon one with an Ojamajo for a waifu.
>> No. 13521 [Edit]
File 138170632410.jpg - (35.20KB , 640x480 , doremi_29.jpg )

Y-you too
>> No. 13569 [Edit]
File 138225524088.jpg - (356.99KB , 1280x1024 , nia hugging legs.jpg )
After much desperation to find somewhere I belong, I finally found it. I'm glad to have made it here. My waifu is Nia. All your waifus are wonderful.
>> No. 13570 [Edit]
File 138229245778.jpg - (1.56MB , 1920x1200 , i01sBJSYGIpsZ.jpg )
Hatsune Miku is my waifu.
>> No. 13573 [Edit]
File 138237386945.jpg - (67.25KB , 480x640 , 2jfk8at.jpg )
>> No. 13575 [Edit]
File 138249380141.jpg - (227.94KB , 600x605 , Ahri (167).jpg )
A site where there are others similar to me? I feel as if I am home.

Ahri, from League of Legends.
>> No. 13669 [Edit]
File 138475497086.jpg - (282.08KB , 903x1105 , 1383708295636.jpg )
Look! A comment in November!
But yeah, Yuno Gasai is my absolute waifu. Accept no substitutes.
>> No. 13701 [Edit]
File 138532556337.png - (363.48KB , 1920x1200 , kannagi-noel-326616.png )
Noel Kannagi

Looks like I'm the second person to post her here. She gives me hope.
>> No. 13717 [Edit]
File 138571532326.jpg - (304.98KB , 600x900 , 37234418.jpg )
Uiharu Kazari

My Beloved; she motivates me to do my best everyday.
>> No. 13759 [Edit]
File 138658976661.jpg - (211.77KB , 1024x1280 , 見崎 鳴 (4).jpg )
I love her.
>> No. 13786 [Edit]
File 138673731081.jpg - (274.95KB , 850x1000 , 0ec9112cd676f5f62dedd1e2e3f95585.jpg )
Homura Akemi.
Due to the torments she faced in the past and the things she will face in the future, having her as a waifu is quite a challenge for me and I suffered heartbreak many times... But not to worry I'm trying my best here :]
>> No. 13788 [Edit]
File 138676882366.jpg - (91.72KB , 489x902 , 55cf36e9242b034d4f008335100f4f238da0a2e5.jpg )
May as well post mine, since I'm here.
Kagura from Azumanga Daioh.
>> No. 13829 [Edit]
File 138701197029.jpg - (42.77KB , 300x300 , miracle of my universe.jpg )
This is Inaba Himeko. She makes me smile and I love her very much for it.
>> No. 13839 [Edit]
File 13870582801.png - (293.56KB , 774x434 , fuuka.png )
綾瀬 風香 (あやせ ふうか)
Ayase Fuuka

I fell in love with her when she fell asleep in that massage chair in the electronics store.
>> No. 13966 [Edit]
File 138817127957.jpg - (2.18MB , 3243x4206 , d5435248b4107ea425ed1f3c0fa82e49.jpg )
Belldandy ♥
>> No. 13999 [Edit]
File 138851048261.jpg - (338.47KB , 1280x800 , Alice-Madness-Returns-alice-madness-returns-fanclu.jpg )
Alice Liddel
>> No. 14005 [Edit]
File 138855224239.jpg - (780.49KB , 942x1333 , 1328481606428.jpg )
Utsuho Reiuji
I love her so very much, every time I see her, my heart skips a beat.
She is my sun, and I hold her close to my heart.
>> No. 14037 [Edit]
File 13887438205.jpg - (274.51KB , 796x610 , 8.jpg )
Mai beloved waifu Emi
>> No. 14049 [Edit]
File 138881713266.jpg - (313.99KB , 1447x1034 , 40502105.jpg )
You sound kind of familiar, like I've heard someone say something like that before.
>> No. 14057 [Edit]
File 138891467623.jpg - (83.21KB , 557x832 , 12351612361.jpg )
Tsukasa Ayatsuji. My one and only.
>> No. 14126 [Edit]
File 138946960434.jpg - (409.88KB , 1280x720 , 040.jpg )
Tokisaki Kurumi
>> No. 14133 [Edit]
File 138950868298.jpg - (38.04KB , 640x480 , Karerin.jpg )
>...that feeling when I'm the only one who loves Karen Ichijou

I'm actually ok with this.
>> No. 14138 [Edit]
File 138951892619.jpg - (566.79KB , 1500x2000 , Sako dress.jpg )
>> No. 14174 [Edit]
File 138967040131.jpg - (113.71KB , 1040x1315 , xcv43.jpg )
>3 other posts of her in here alone
Lilly Satou.

Our anniversary was just 3 days ago.
>> No. 14179 [Edit]
File 138969736812.jpg - (43.73KB , 317x600 , Asuka01.jpg )
Asuka is my waifu. Year and a half still going strong. I'm so glad she found me.
>> No. 14204 [Edit]
File 138983239790.jpg - (1.66MB , 2325x3476 , Illyasviel_von_Einzbern_full_479146.jpg )
Illyasviel Von Einzbern. I had a crush on her for a while, but only a few months ago did I realize I loved her.
>> No. 14277 [Edit]
File 139042519645.jpg - (730.60KB , 787x1181 , rei170.jpg )
Rei Ayanami
>> No. 14458 [Edit]
File 139188120022.jpg - (84.38KB , 449x750 , tumblr_m2jp1lOhNt1qjf89uo1_500.jpg )
I probably won't post a lot...but I guess I should at least admit it. I run an ask blog for an original character based on the Once-ler...and my OC has sort of become my husbando. I'm really happy, if a little embarrassed, about it. I feel like this is probably the only place where I can even talk freely about this.
>> No. 14615 [Edit]
File 139398787553.jpg - (517.78KB , 1050x991 , 7cebf2d27ceb2d3a9f7aa4f64ea1c5a1.jpg )
Hakurei Reimu.
>> No. 14638 [Edit]
File 13942455518.jpg - (83.39KB , 1364x768 , Chrome_2013-11-19_13-50-19-38.jpg )
Naoto Suzukawa
>> No. 14652 [Edit]
File 139432519313.jpg - (153.25KB , 697x1000 , yande_re 95422 sample.jpg )
Furude Rika
>> No. 14658 [Edit]
File 139440111274.jpg - (489.54KB , 848x1200 , 5dab716cd4433cfe1fceec8b9ce2b082.jpg )
>> No. 14676 [Edit]
File 139459132291.png - (250.52KB , 500x666 , http%3A%2F%2F24_media_tumblr_com%2F3978f9aef791a65.png )
Matoi Ryuuko
>> No. 14731 [Edit]
File 13949793969.jpg - (235.31KB , 600x800 , 5f01e9edd7268eb2c30fab5bcf2ff7af.jpg )
Megurine Luka <3
>> No. 14822 [Edit]
File 139619361880.jpg - (49.11KB , 577x573 , 1394912589273.jpg )